Reid and the Constitution

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Jan 15, 2008, 5:43:11 PM1/15/08

The Senate returns next week. This could be our last chance to make sure
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid actually leads, and Congress finally
passes FISA legislation that protects our right to privacy and due process.

Tell Majority Leader Reid to make sure the Senate doesn’t fail freedom

Sign the ACLU petition to Senator Reid now.

If it’s not constitutional, don’t let the Senate vote on it.

That’s the message we need to send to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
as the Senate makes its latest attempt to fix the horrible FISA bill
they passed back in August.

More than two years ago, the nation learned that the National Security
Agency is spying on Americans without warrants or a court order. And
over the last two years, we’ve been waiting for Congress to stand up to
Bush Administration abuses and bring NSA spying in line with the

Tell Senator Reid to make sure the Senate doesn't fail freedom again.
Sign the ACLU petition to Senator Reid now.

The Senate returns next week. And the temporary fix to the NSA problem
expires soon. Now, Senator Reid has a choice to make. He can finally
bring to the floor of the Senate FISA legislation that protects our
right to privacy and due process. Or, he can once again fail to stand up
to the Bush Administration’s demands for unnecessary and dangerous broad
powers and bring up for a vote a shameful, unconstitutional bill.

Sign the ACLU petition to Senator Reid now.

We’re engaging thousands of ACLU members and asking them to call their
senators. We’re running radio ads in key states. We’re holding dozens of
meetings with senators and their staff in their home-state offices. And,
we’re working with a broad coalition of organizations to make sure any
spying legislation Congress passes protects our privacy and the rule of law.

If enough of us act, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — the most
powerful member of the Senate — will be forced to actually lead on this
issue, not cave in to President Bush and his allies in Congress once again.

Tell Senator Reid to uphold the Constitution.

Two critical issues are at stake: will members of Congress insist on
meaningful judicial oversight rather than unconstitutional surveillance
tactics that allow the government to gather huge amounts of phone and
email data on Americans without a warrant? And, will they insist on
holding telecom companies accountable for their cooperation with illegal
government spying operations?

A bill consistent with freedom and in line with the Constitution would
do both of those things. That's why we're telling Senator Reid to only
bring a constitutional FISA bill to the Senate floor.

Your petition will be delivered to Senator Reid and your Senators next
Wednesday, January 23 — a day after the Senate is back from its holiday
recess. Sign the petition: send a loud and clear message that we will
not stand for telecom immunity or basket warrants.

We’re fighting as hard as we can in Congress. If the Bush Administration
gets its way from a spineless Senate, we’ll keep fighting this
unconstitutional program in the courts.

Thank you for taking action and for standing with us.


Caroline Fredrickson, ACLU
Caroline Fredrickson, Director
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

P.S. We’re running radio ads targeting key senators—asking them to take
a stand against an unconstitutional FISA bill. Listen to our radio ads
here <> (mp3

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004


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