David Ray Griffen in Santa Cruz on 6.29

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David Ray Griffen in Santa Cruz on 6.29 - My letters to organizers

Posted by: Angela Flynn <http://profiles.yahoo.com/grnevolution>

Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:44 pm (PDT)

I thought I would share this correspondence I have had with
organizers for a local event.

~ Angela

Dear Maureen,

I am sorry I will not be able to attend this. I do not attend
functions at the First Congregational Church due to the cellular
antennas on the buildings there. I was harmed while taking a
training at the FCC that was located 60 feet from and at the same
height as one set of antennas. There have been 3 deaths due to
cancer at the neighboring Westlake Elementary School following the
installation of the second set of antennas. Parent's of the students
there have even offered to raise the money to offset the lost income
to the FCC is they would remove the antennas. The FCC church
officials have been completely unresponsive and dismissive of the
harm they are imposing on the nearby residents and school children.

Scientists, doctors and governmental agencies worldwide have issued
public health advisories over the exposure to this radiation.
Children and fetuses are especially warned to have limited exposure
as their skulls are thinner and absorb more radiation. If you check
with the neurosurgeons recently interviewed on CNNs Larry King Live
you will find that they all use headsets or speaker phones rather
than sending the cell phone radiation directly into their heads.
(See http://www.brain-surgery.us/index.html
<http://www.brain-surgery.us/index.html> )

The website New Media Explorer
) has a wealth of information on this topic. As the website says, we
are part of a large biological experiment. Many people think that
because there is natural electromagnetic radiation that more will
not harm them. That is the same as saying that being in a room with
one cigarette is the same as being in a room with a hundred
cigarettes, or, more realistically, ten million cigarettes. Our
wireless devices have increased our exposure to emr ten million
times over what we have evolved with.

This harm is not limited to humans. The h.e.s.e. project (human
ecological social economical) is the international scientific
Internet platform on topical issues in affiliation with the
Kompetenze Initiative:
<http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/en/issues/nature.php> and
documents the numerous studies on the harmful effect of emr on wildlife.

The EarthVision film festival screened Public Exposure: DNA,
Democracy and the Wireless Revolution in 2001. This film explores
the health effects of radiofrequency from wireless devices such as
cell phones and wireless internet. Featured are scientists who
braved the $130 billion Telecom Industry to show the evidence of
harm to biological life and our growing danger from exposure to low
levels of this toxin. The film is available at our public library
and through the filmmakers website: www.eon3.net.

The BioInitiative, (www.bioinitiatve.org), a peer review of over
2,000 studies which show evidence of non thermal bio effects from
the non-ionizing radiation from cell towers and other wireless
devices covers the studies that the industry and the FCC has somehow
not noticed. There has been no safe level of exposure to cell tower
radiation determined and living near a cell tower with the 24/7
exposure has been shown to be more damaging than the more
intermittent exposure of using a cell phone.

Best regards,

Angela Flynn
EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival
816 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831-425-3958 (FAX)

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