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FreeMED is the oldest and one of the most sophisticated Open Source EMR (electronic medical record) product available.  To date, there have been over 81,000 total downloads.  FreeMED is being sucessfully implemented in a number of clinical settings around the world from large government hospitals to small private practices.  

The FreeMED community wants you to be one of the many users to sucessfully implement and promote our Open Source EMR.  Please use this support forum to post your questions regarding FreeMED usage. If you are a developer, please request membership in our FreeMED Development Google Group.  

We welcome your participation to make our package even better.

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Links to helpful documents:

Install and test FreeMED v.0.9.0 in any Operating System. Instructions:

FreeMED v.0.9.0 Installation and configuration instructions for Debian 7.0:

The previous version of FreeMED (v.0.8.5) is no longer supported. Links to this version:

FreeMED v.0.8.5 Installation and configuration instructions for Debian 6.0 are at:

FreeMED v.0.8.5 Installation and configuration instructions for Ubuntu 11 are at:

FreeMED v.0.8.5 download link:

FreeMED v0.8.5-Debian 6-Vmware image download:

Google Groups: Support and Development