11/04 -- Ukraine war: Kyiv regime wary as Russian official signals new retreat in Kherson oblast; Think Universally, Act Neighborly

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Thomas L. Knapp

Nov 4, 2022, 6:44:04 AM11/4/22
to Freedom News Daily
Freedom News Daily, 11/04/22
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Hey everyone ...

It's a "web-only Friday" at the freedom movement's daily newspaper, with nearly 100 (maybe more than 100 by the time you read this!) news items, opinion pieces, and audio/video links waiting for you at:


THANK YOU to our supporters and "subscribing contributors" -- DFD, JE, JF, ESH, MJ, and RWJr -- who came through yesterday with contributions totaling $145, bringing our year-end fundraiser total to (as of 6am Eastern time Friday morning) $1,608!

That brings us to 62% of our goal of $5,150, less than $1,000 from the finish line! Help push us across it at:


Wait, what? Did I flunk third-grade math? Well, maybe I did -- I'll never tell -- but  in this case, $1,608 really IS 62% of $5,150.

That's because (for the third year in a row) supporter GL has pledged "matching funds" of up to half our goal. Which means we only need to raise $2,575 from everyone else.

We are $967 away from wrapping up our one and only fundraiser of the year. When we're done, I'll mostly stop mentioning money to you until next October.

Please help us get there THIS WEEKEND by thinking about how much value you place on the freedom movement's daily newspaper and returning some of that value to us as financial support at:


ANY amount helps, and only you know how much you think we're worth and what you can afford. But if you want suggested amounts, we're approaching our 5,150th edition, and our goal is $5,150. So why not donate $5.15 (1,000th of our goal) or $51.50 (1% of our goal)? Or $20 (December 23 will be our 20th anniversary of the Rational Review News Digest "brand"). Or, if you're feeling especially generous, $56 (I turn 56 years old next week).

Our operators are standing by (no, not really) at:


Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily


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