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Erik Garrison

Nov 22, 2013, 10:01:09 AM11/22/13

As part of a course here at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, I gave a brief practical on freebayes.  In support of this I worked up a tutorial of sorts using data from the 1000 Genomes Project:

I'd be grateful if a few people walked through it and let me know if there are any things which could be improved.  There are some obvious rough edges, such as the final generation of the ROC plots, which require external awk scripts.  It would also be nice to know if there are aspects which you feel deserve more explanation.  My goal is to extend it further and link to it from the documentation.


Johnbosco Tayebwa

Dec 4, 2013, 8:43:10 AM12/4/13
Hi Erik,

Thanks for the tutorial. I like that Freebayes is "pretty vanilla" for beginners until they are confident enough to explore more. I am working on Tumor-Normal pairs and I followed your advice on a biostar thread where you said that one can call somatic variants in a tumor-normal pair as:

freebayes -f ref.fa --pooled-discrete --genotype-qualities tumor.bam normal.bam | vcfsamplediff -s VT normal tumor -

So I used the same command and the resulting VCF file named, 'freebayes_pooled-discrete.vcf' had
##INFO=<ID=SSC,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="Somatic variant score (phred-scaled probability that the somatic variant call is correct).">
However, looking at some of the data lines and using 'grep SSC freebayes_pooled-discrete.vcf', none of the called variants had the Somatic variant score (SSC). Could you be knowing why this is so?
The exact command line I used was:
freebayes  --no-indels --no-mnps --no-complex -f hg19.fa \ --pooled-discrete --genotype-qualities normal.bam tumor.bam | \ ./vcfsamplediff -s VT normal.bam tumor.bam - | ./vcffilter \
-f "QUAL > 20" > freebayes_pooled-discrete.vcf

Also, I am using muTect and it has the PASS and SOMATIC defined as:
##FILTER=<ID=PASS,Description="Accept as a confident somatic mutation">
##INFO=<ID=SOMATIC,Number=0,Type=Flag,Description="Somatic event">

How do these compare with freebayes as I used it? I am trying to determine which parameters will best make freebayes and muTect comparable when it comes to calling somatic point mutations.

The muTect command I used is:
java -Xmx2g -jar muTect-1.1.4.jar --analysis_type MuTect \ --reference_sequence hg19.fa --dbsnp dbsnp_137.hg19.vcf \ --input_file:normal normal.bam --input_file:tumor tumor.bam \
 --out mutect_results.txt --coverage_file mutect_coverage.wig \ --enable_extended_output \ --vcf mutect_results_extended.vcf

Would really appreciate your advice!

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