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Linux vs Unix

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T Gold

Jan 28, 2014, 12:00:37 PM1/28/14
There is a saying: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Free means worthless.

The problem I have with linux is what do I need it for? My first computer
was a Tandy 200. Remember the presario?

We had those Tandy laptops in high school. Might as well have been Ubuntu.
Ok I can check email and surf the web, and I have a notepad and a clock.

Wait I want to use photoshop type functions on a picture. I want to
generate a UHF high frequency modulation of a mantra sound file I recorded.

I want to play a game more advanced than minesweeper. I found out real fast
how useless Linux is. Even my windows 8 laptop that was a gift...

I'm on a desktop running XP right now because I can run outlook express on
it. Should we really waste time with Linux?

But I really dont know much about Unix. How much does it really cost to
have it set up? What is the base cost to have a system set up to have unix
to make applications?

HK might as well be set up as a intranet. Like compuserve. Go get the
torrent for the back issues of Omni. And look at the way compuserve was
marketing itself.

Even a guru of kundalini yoga was in an ad for compuserv. The only thing I
see linux or "free software" as useful is for embedded applications.

Take those "computers" you hook up to cards to change the settings. Imagine
a dinan chip encoder for linux and the device where you plug in the chip.

People would pay money to get modules and the device so they can save the
manitory $2000k to $20,000k ticket just to find out what is wrong with their

They still need to buy the parts and get a mechanic to fix it, but its nice
to save yourself the money to get the guy who has the comptuer who is going
to basically charge you for him to hook this thing up to your car to read
the settings.

Its a violation of someones proprietary this or that, but thats the point of
open source. You cant even change your spark plugs anymore.

IBM said no to OS/2 for smartphones. I did more research and it comes down
to the issues when microsoft and ibm were "working together".

I have an angle, but it has to be taken to the courts. I could make it work
through equitable remedies, torts and settlements.

IOS is unix right? HK needs its own "china operating system" (COS).

The patenting system in hong kong requrires the solving of a technical
issues. Well, there you go.

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Albert K Fung

Jan 28, 2014, 2:39:55 PM1/28/14
T Gold:
Free and worthless ....

Are two separate and distinct concepts. Oxygen, for example,
is free. But no one in his/her right mind, would call oxygen
worthless. For without it, there would not be living things.
Linux was created to be free of Unix's IP claims and rights.

Quite certainly, it is not an operating system for everyone.

Such as those who do not have good understanding of computer
nor trainings in operating systems. But, it is a godsend for
those who need an operating system that has good IP freedoms
and very minimal claims on IP rights. Thankfully, Linus foot
their bills.

Perhaps the esteemed netter is blissfully unaware, but Linux
is the enabling OS of our network centric world today. It is
found everywhere - where the tire meets the road, in the In-
ternet infrastructures all over the world.

No one, for sure, would call that worthless. In fact, one is
quite safe to say that Linux is the free oxygen of our Inter
-net world. Just imagine what our eWorld would be like with-
out Linux, working, pushing, shuffling and serving the likes
of webservers, apps, databases, etc.

The Linux kernel is under a very loose GPU License, or LGPL,
which is short for Lesser General Public License. Anyone who
had used/modified MIT's X-Windows would be familiar with the
licensing terms. Because of that arrangement one can come up
with his/her/its own OS with Linux as the underlying scheme,
and/or structure. Examples are quite abound:

IOS, Android, .... :)

PS: Happy and prosperous year of the Horse, serene peace, to
all here, and beyond.


Albert K. Fung
Oscar-by-the-Sea, TKO, HK.
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