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Apr 24, 2006, 10:28:27 AM4/24/06

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Hollywood's discovery that penguins are salable has led them to
discover what penguin lovers and Mary Poppins knew all along. Penguins
look like they should dance, not march. Stay tuned until November when
'Happy Feet' hits the big screen. For today take a trip with me
thru dancing penguins

First a trip back in time. The most common sources of modern dancing
penguin images are the cartoon penguins dancing with Mary Poppins and
the ubiquitous Tux, the official penguin of Linux. In case you've
forgotten the poppins troupe, here's a video memory of them:

I discovered The Penguin Dance website early in my internet penguin
searching. I looked back and its still state of the art.
This australian who calls himself dingus also offers a pretty complete
list of other penguin dance sites:
"Kewl Penguin Links - The Other Penguin Dance Pages"

I also rediscovered another site that has a lot more tux and some of
their own penguin rock and roll and claims to include 'the original
penguin dance site'.

The line dancing penguins from a person updates these dancing
penguin animations.
Follow his links to other 'stuff and nonsense including the runaway
easter penguin.

Here's some less conventional versions of penguin dancing:

A dancing penguin popper from the Penguin Place store. I offer the
url site and the shorter home page of the Penguin Place.

A book lovers site has a nonanimated penguin 4 panel dancing penguin
cartoon that's nice and original.

A penguin dance video slot machine game presumably available only
commercially - maybe to the tribes.

A political analysis linking penguin dancing and Iran's national

A wind-up dancing penguin that comes with its own egg and a good
writeup on this website.

And a totally uninspected screen saver involving dancing penguins.

And absolutely no link to the overused dancing penguin video which
I'm sure you've already seen.

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