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Joerg Feuerhake

Aug 25, 2005, 9:48:59 AM8/25/05
to Jerry Cheung,
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Hi Jerry,

| suggested materials for free-penguin?
Good question. Here in Berlin I'd go to 'Kumasch fabrics and textile
import export', but I really don't know what to get where elsewhere in
the world. Consider to ask Joel, he has written a in depth description
on where to go and what to buy and what the pitfalls of the current
patterns are (be careful when doing the feet):

He will be good help if you are in north America. What else? It is
always a good Idea to make a proof of concept tux in advance:

use up the cheapest material you can possibly get at yard sales and do
some training.

To avoid the harshest mistakes there is Rodrigos field study, he made
the very first tux with no technical help what so ever:

Consider to browse the free-penguin news section:

Jerry Cheung wrote:
| Hey,
| I'm loving your site. I thought this would be a perfect gift for
| several people I know. Unfortunately, I haven't done any crafts since
| grade school. What are suggested materials for the outer skin? What
| kinds of stores sells it? What makes for a good 'stuffing'?
| Cheerio,
| Jerry

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