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Apr 2, 2006, 2:58:17 PM4/2/06
1-2 April 2, 2006
So I try for the second time with slightly changed categories. If the
links don't work try cutting and pasting - they are all current.

The awkward title stems from the difficulty I'm having deciding what
to call the short funny 'animated' products created by those more
skilled than me using photoshop and the like. They're more than the
little animated gifs and a bit short of the full blown videos like the
famous tripping penguin. I'm open to any suggestions as to what to
call them. Meanwhile here's a favorite in the genre:
Doug And Bill: A series of 8 short really funny photoanimations[?]
featuring two penguins.
I have downloaded all 8 and this may work better for viewing - on site
the tops are cut off on my screen. You can also navigate thru the home
page to the doug and bill archives and a wallpaper as well as a variety
of interesting products of this inventive mind.

Pinguins Info. My still long time favorite not just becaue she
allowed me to contribute slightly.

Last thing at night I watch reruns of a British comedy I call my
little ol men show: 'Last of the Summer Wine'. I love it in part
because it has almost no evil. The only 'young' people in it are a
very straight male named barry and his wife. Mirabile dictu barry
twice utters this line before a funeral:
"There's one thing I'd like to do before I die, that's stroke a
The crowd looks at him utterly without comprehension and says nothing.
Pengophilia as we perhaps all know is a joy more tolerated than
understood by those not prone to it.
Here's the dream repeated more conventionally:
"Of all the things I would like to do during my life, my greatest dream
is to go to Antarctica and shake hands with a penguin!" - Larry Mester
And an official source to which you will note, I have sloppily tried
to add some from my own collection.

Penguins have been tossed in a variety of unlikely areas of argument
between the right and left. Here's an image from the last election
which combines my political bias and the primary real penguin political
issue: the effects of political decisions regarding the environment on

Four years ago I found my first official example of music with a
penguin theme. It still plays where I first heard it playing in the
background of the penguin doll page of a Portugese woman Ana Maria
Frias. It was a classical
piece Sonat's "La Bal[l]ade des Petits Pingouins". Since then I've
found a wide variety and downloaded many [including this one] but it is
the best and classiest.

Penguin-Blog - Humboldts, Gentoos and Rockhoppers, Oh My.
A new found friend who has already posted some non April fools news
involving my little blue friends although he does call them by their
other name.

Penguin images for tattoos from Tattootales Inc.I've seen better on
at least one yahoo group member but it's a start in these tattooing

Becca's Workshop - A Classic Toy Store. THE PENGUIN - A Collection of
Stuffed Penguins, Puppets and Books. A little plushy for my taste but
a good selection with some inventiveness

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