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Joerg Feuerhake

Sep 1, 2005, 3:32:42 AM9/1/05
to free-pen...@googlegroups.com
Hi *,

last week free-penguin.org was posted at makezine's blog


... here are the direct results:




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Sep 6, 2005, 12:02:58 AM9/6/05
to free-penguin.org
I made my penguin when I read makezine's blog. It was an easy project,
but maybe it would have been faster with a sewing machine. I never
sewed before. Are there clearer instructions for attaching the beak. I
kind of just sewed it on, left a small gap to stuff it and the stuffed
the beak and sewed the small gap. IT's not as sturdy as the rest of
the penguin though.

Also, I made the belly as one peice instead of two. I hotglued felt
eyes on the penguin too.

It was a fun project. Just wish the pattern told how much to leave as
a seam and how much to leave to turn it back right side out.

Joerg Feuerhake

Sep 6, 2005, 9:25:55 AM9/6/05
to free-pen...@googlegroups.com
Hi sail4sea,

thank you for your comments! I'm honoured that the patterns were useful.
Furthermore, thanks a lot for your comments:

You are not the only needleworker complaining about poor 'sewing
instructions'. This topic is part of our task list, but we first try to
improve the feet of our tux.

Thank you for you suggestions on how to realise the eyes of tux.
Hotglueing is a way, I didn't thought of yet. Doesn't the glue become to

The 'how-much to leave for the seam' topic is an old one as well :-) We
had versions with dashed lines around the actual parts ... but that
didn't improve readability...I think

Did you take pictures of your tux?
* best regards
* Joerg Feuerhake
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Sep 9, 2005, 12:07:04 AM9/9/05
to free-penguin.org
I found a link to some good feet instructions
(http://www3.sympatico.ca/jpolowin/humour/pengfeet.html). The feet do
not hold the penguin up. He falls forward easily. I might have used
too much stuffing in the bottom. I only had trouble with the beak.

The 'how-much-to-leave-for-seam' topic could have been solved with text
stating that there should be a certain amount left for the seam.

As for the eyes, no, hot glue did not make the eyes too hard. I used
the hot glue sparingly, so Tux needs to be treated gently.

Next week I will post pictures. I have to borrow a digital camera from
a friend.

When are the plans for a stuffed BSD daemon going to come out?

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