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In the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in tower defense games; I’ve tried and loved the majority of these releases. Amongst many of my favorite TD games are the Kingdom Rush Games. Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment to the series of games, continuing the tradition for Ironhide. Kingdom Rush has everything the tower defense genre has to offer and more.

The game is set in an entirely new area than the ones we have seen in the previous two games. There are entirely new towers, upgrades and even new heroes to play around with. This game clearly places the focus on fantasy in the new installment, which is definitely a good change from the usual medieval type focus of the previous two games.

Whilst Kingdom Rush Origins admittedly has more of the same thing, I can’t really say I’m complaining about it. It worked for them in the first and second games, so I don’t see any reason why people are going to get bored now when they were totally happy with more of the same thing in the second game.


Kingdom Rush Origins takes on an Elvish theme which really accentuates the whole fantasy feel that the game promises. It gives incredibly well created battle environments and tower upgrades that sound like they just came right out of Lord of the Rings.

Getting further into the game unlocks a whole range of strange and interesting things such as explosive throwing furious Ents and very weird looking druids that can do some mad damage to the bad guys.

After the ability to control your heroes disappeared in the second game, I was really happy to see that it had reappeared in this new installment, I was even happier to see that the heroes had inherited some pretty nifty skills in the form of special spells that can wipe out a whole platoon of bad guys. This is something that seriously comes in uses as you get to the more difficult levels, especially if you aren’t quite managing to take down all of the enemies with your towers. Your hero gives you the perfect edge that you need in order to totally own this game.

The game has also definitely switched up its difficulty level as you can find yourself playing some of the harder levels a lot of times over in order to get just the right tower placement.

The new maps in the game are definitely challenging in a way that the previous two games were not, they have an insane amount of detail put into them, which can really make the whole thing a little heavy and confusing at times. There are entirely new features in this game which can really turn the entire battle on its head, such as the fact the enemies can now suddenly blow holes in the side of mountains and other places in order to attack you from entirely new vantage points, this can be really bad for you as you can end up getting ambushed at a point where you haven’t prepared for an attack such as this. This will only serve as a reminder to stay on your toes in this game because a surprise attack could come at any time. On the other hand, there are also new features that serve to help you in situations such as this. Various things can be tapped on the map and provided that you have timed the tap just right, they can really hurt your enemies with a little extra damage.


The game is currently running version 1.2 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 7.0 or later. The game can be downloaded from the app store for a mere $2.99 for the standard version and $4.99 for the HD version, a price that is totally worth this incredible game. There are also optional in app purchases available in the game. The game is currently only available to play in English, which could make playing the game difficult to international players who don’t speak the language. Both the standard and HD versions have five star ratings and have been overwhelmingly well received by fans of the game series.

The currency of Kingdom Rush Origins is gems. There are three Gem packages available for purchase; a one thousand five hundred pack of gems costs $2.99, a six thousand pack of gems costs $4.99 and an eighteen thousand pack of gems costs $9.99. These gems can be used to purchase a variety of things from the in game Gnome shop. Whilst actually purchasing the gem is not necessary for playing as you get some at the end of every successful round, I would recommend at least getting a few at the start of the game as the power ups really give you an edge right from the beginning. There are six special power ups available for purchase from the gnome shop; The Hand of Midas, which doubles any gold you make for a short time, it costs seven hundred and fifty gems, Teleport Scroll, which transports enemies within range of the spell back to the starting point of the map, for seventy five gems, Horn of Heroism, which makes your soldiers and towers temporarily invulnerable, for one hundred and twenty five gems, The Wrath of Elynie, which is a large area of effect spell that kills any enemy within range, for nine hundred and ninety nine gems, the Gem of Time Warp, which is similar to the effects of the teleport scroll, however affects the speed of your enemies as well as transporting them, for two hundred and fifty gems and the Rod of Dragon, which summons a temporary flame throwing tower wherever you want, for four hundred and fifty gems. There are also currently ten heroes available in the hero room, seven of which can be gotten as an in app purchase costing anywhere between $2.99 and $6.99.

Kingdom Rush Origins Cheats & Tips
Currently, there are many working hacks available for this game giving various things such as unlimited gems, unlimited skill points, unlimited stars, nine hundred and ninety nine lives in each battle, ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine coins in each battle, unlimited teleport scrolls, unlimited gem of time warp, unlimited hand of Midas, unlimited wrath of Elynia, unlimited atomic bombs, unlimited atomic freeze, unlimited freeze, unlimited horns of heroism and unlimited rod of dragon fire. This hack requires a jailbroken device to apply and can be found on reputable iOS game hacking sites. As you can imagine, this kind of hack makes playing the game seriously easy. But if you are the kind of person who wants to play the game legit, without cheating, I have put together these tips and tricks which you can follow in order to make your playing experience a little easier.

Kingdom Rush Origins uses pretty much the same gaming mechanics as the previous two Kingdom Rush games, so if you’ve played anything from the series before, figuring out how to play the game should be easy enough. Strategy-wise however, don’t take everything you know to heart and think you’ve gotten the game beat before you’ve even played the first round, because this game has definitely ramped up the difficulty settings. Origins includes a whole new bunch of enemies to beat which haven’t been seen in the earlier games, they’re meaner, tougher and straight up uglier.


When figuring out the perfect strategy, ensure that you’re constantly looking for tower positions that complement one another, for example, putting a melee tower across from an archer tower will be incredibly beneficial as the archers can take out the enemies from a ranged distance making it less difficult for your guys who are facing hand to hand combat.

Watch out for your hero, only use them as a last resort, I like to keep mine right at the very end of the map as a precautionary measure just in case any stragglers manage to make it through the onslaught of towers, these would be easy pickings, especially for my hero who would kill them in one hit, that way, it wouldn’t really matter if two or three enemies managed to make it through. Plus, you don’t really want to make you hero fight where all the tough action is going down as this would make it more likely that your hero would get totally owned.

Beware of packs of enemies, these can be REALLY bad. They can take out your little group of soldiers incredibly easily, meaning that they end up continuing towards the end unscathed. The best way to avoid the problem of pack enemies is to thin out the pack as early on as you can. Consider putting archer towers t the very beginning of the map so that they hit the enemies first, so that by the time they get to your soldiers, a whole lot of them have already been taken out and the rest have taken some damage, making it easier for you to finish them off. If this fails, throw everything else you have at them, this is why I advise buying items from the gnome shop early on in the game.

For the first part of the game, you can get away with just using archer towers on your maps. by packing the archers together throughout the entire map, enemies are being constantly damaged, so they’re taken down no problem. Remember that this is a strategy that will only work for part of the game, so don’t rely too heavily on it and try to mix it up every once in a while so that you get used to using the other available towers.


My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you take a good look at the map before you hit the game start button. This gives you chance to plan out exactly where you’re going to put certain towers to avoid any potential massacres on your part. Split the map up into three segments and this will allow you to create checkpoints where you want to place large groups of defense points to make sure that you are properly protected at numerous points of the map.

When upgrading, you’ll want to start with the towers that are at the very end of the map as you need to make sure you have some incredibly strong towers at the end just in case a pack does manage to break through your initial defenses.
When you’re first going through a new map, it’s good to think of it as a practice run to get a feel for the difficulty of the map, that way if you do end up totally failing; it’s okay, because it was just a practice, at least you’ll know exactly what to expect on your next run. If you do happen to finish the map, then that’s awesome.

Kingdom Rush Origins Review
Kingdom Rush Origins doesn’t really do all that much to differentiate itself from the two previous games in the series. There might be different names and map designs, but underneath all of that, it’s just the same towers you’ve known and loved from previous games. Now I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, but if you just want to play the game because it might be a totally new concept, you’ll be disappointed.

Whilst they needed to change a few things about the game, I hate the fact that they got rid of, in my opinion, one of the most useful power ups from the gnome shop. In previous games, I relied quite heavily on the gold power up if I ever ran a little low on gold in my runs of the maps, but now they totally scrapped it and just added something that temporarily double the income. There is no instant gratification with this game on that level; they force you to kill yourself over taking everything down in order to get gold
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