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Free Episode Gems And Passes Generator | Episode Gems Hack No Survey Verification.Game hacks and tricks are good option for this game. Episode hack can easily generate free game passes and germs.Episode Gems Passes Hack generator Free 2021.The Best Way To Get Free Gems For Episode Hack 2021
We all love storytelling. This is what makes Episode Choose Your Story fun to try. You can create your own stories or view the stories that have been created by the other gamers. The younger generation has been showing great interest in this interactive entertainment.

If you thought Episode was just another interactive story mobile game, think again. There is only a handful of games out there that give the kind of immersive experience that this one offers. The game allows everyone to be a creator. Here you create exciting stories based on the choices you make at any given situation. Pretty much like the highly acclaimed Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode from Netflix. Games like this one are known to be open-ended. There is no right or wrong way to play it. What Episode looks like may be different for one player from how it appears to another.

How do you play Episode choose your story?

You can download Episode free of cost. It is available both in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. There are in-app purchases that can be made in the game. As soon as you downloaded it, you are presented with a couple of story modes to try.

The episodes in the game belong to various genres like Mystery, Romance, Adventure, Drama and more. As soon as you choose a story, you would be directed to a brief introduction about the story. Once you have the background, you would be presented with a scene. The very first choice you make takes you to the consequent stage. Each scene then comprises of different decisions which determine the protagonist's actions. Each option opens up new possibilities and therefore creates new stories.

How is Episode different from other choice-based games?

The novel method of implementation of the simulation concept and the simplicity of it makes it better than most others. Here are a few fun things about Episode that makes it different:

Episode Choose Your Story creators allow gamers to mail in new ideas and this is how they manage to present fresh content every week.
More than 4.4 billion episodes have been viewed already across 84000 stories.
There are more than 100,000 stories in the game.
The count of weekly active users has been grazing at around 5 million.
There are more than 12 million creators in total.
The mobile creation tool lets you become an Episode creator without knowledge in coding. Budding directors can use this to innovate and create stories.
What do you need to ace Episode?
Besides the regular game content and the various stories, there are two primary resources that you would be using – the Episode Gems and Passes. Episode's Gems are your most valued currencies. Episode's Passes allow you to skip a chapter or fast forward it, to be precise.

How do you get Gems in Episode?

Connecting your social media account with Episode app on iphone or android gets you free gems as reward.
There are events held regularly. Depending on where you place in the top charts you would be awarded a few gems.
There are daily challenges which are also known to give both Passes and Gems.
Playing new stories also adds some Passes. Passes added on an hourly basis are not accumulated when you are not playing the game.
The other most popular and easy way to earn free gems and free Passes for Episode is to use the Episode game generator tool.
What is this Episode gems and passes generator tool all about?
Episode allows user-generated content besides the actual stories that are created by the app developers. So, if you wish to create better stories, you might need all the resources you can afford. Even if you are just playing your stories, you would still be needing gems and passes at various stages for various purposes.

Passes, as well as Gems, can be purchased within the game. You would find Gem packs as well as Passes which are available for real money. Some stories award you Gems for reading them. Remember that this is only applicable for the first time you read it. Look for the β€˜Earn Gems’ banner to pick stories where you can get gems. The quickest way to get more Passes and Gems is to purchase them. But these are quite expensive. This is where this Episode free gems and passes generator hack tool comes into the picture. There are no tools to be downloaded or codes to be run in your computer or device. There is nothing malicious about this Episode hack generator that you should be warned about. It can run seamlessly on all mobile devices irrespective of the mobile platform being used. It can also be used on a computer.

Why do you need this Episode free gems and passes hack for?

Our Episode Interactive cheats allow you to become a master of Episode. With these Episode unlimited passes and gems, you can do so much within Episode. Here are a few places where you might find these Episode app cheats to be useful.

Character customization – this is where you get to choose the hairstyle and other features of your Avatar. With all the Episode Choose your Story free gems you accumulate you would be able to revamp your Avatar’s wardrobe. There are also seasonal costumes introduced. These free gems can be useful there.

There are occasions where the app would prompt you to choose a specific type of outfit. These outfits might improve your relationships in the game. Knowing how to get free gems and passes on Episode comes in handy during such situations. This is because these special outfits might cost you a few gems. You can make use of your earned gems to buy them and strengthen your relationships. This helps improve your storyline.

How do you get FREE Gems and Passes on Episode?

Unlimited FREE Gems & Passes on Episode HERE!
There are just a few simple steps involved in expanding your resources. Do not worry if you do not have enough storage space on your mobile or computer. This generator works without requiring any download. All you must do is to visit the gems and passes generator page directly. Key in your username from the game. This username would be hidden from tracking so that you do not get banned. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing your story's progress. All your previously owned Gems and Passes remain untouched. The new resources will be added to your current stash.

Once you have entered your Username, enter the number of free gems and passes you need. These free gems from our Episode Hack works on both iphone and android. Click on "Generate Now!". If your game has been running in the background, exit and refresh the app once. When you get back, you should see the new gems and passes added to your account. You can start using them right away. You can use them to buy other resources like outfits and readymade looks or even to increase the pace of the stories. Addition of the Episode free passes and gems doesn’t affect your normal gameplay in any way. You can continue to earn these resources for the tasks you complete. These would further be added to your collection.

GET Free Gems And Passes On Episode HERE!
How is it different from most other similar gem generators for Episode?
There are plenty of Episode free passes and gems hack generators available in the market. With this Episode gems and passes hack, free passes and gems can be added to your account without getting banned.
You would be able to add only a limited number of Episode Gems and Passes at any given time. This prevents your account from being monitored and blocked by the developers.
Using this hack is very easy. It allows you to fully understand the application, the various genres and the ways to play the game as well. Besides knowing how to get Episode passes and gems you also get useful insights on how to earn more Episode gems and passes for free. Therefore, this Episode hack generator is known to help you overall in the Episode gameplay.
This is a free tool. Therefore, to use it, you would only be furnishing your Episode account information. There is no money involved or hidden charges to worry about when you choose this hack for Episode. All the Episode gems and passes cheats, as well as the free resources, can be generated free of cost.
The tool works instantly. There are no delays involved in the gems and passes from being reflected in your account. Therefore, if you are in the middle of an event or a contest that requires some special outfit purchases, you can do them before the time runs out.
This Episode Choose your Story cheats and hack tool allows you uncover all the different endings of each story for free!
Using this tool can help you save not just money but also time. Anyone who has played Episode will agree with the fact that earning gems and passes can be time-consuming and is not cheap. This might make playing Episode Choose Your Story feel less rewarding. Even after spending hours you might find your stash to be small. So, if there is an event that you wish to participate in or a story that you want to read you might be lagging. This is when the Episode cheats and free gems generator can be a blessing. You would be able to quickly navigate through the episodes as well as tap every potential opportunity that comes your way. This is how the tool helps build your gems and passes in Episode while reducing the time and efforts involved.
Besides securing your account, this gems and passes cheats generator also help protect your game data. You do not have to worry about your contact details or account details from being leaked.
Benefits of using this tool for Episode Choose Your Story
Episode is among the top grossing games in both Android Play Store and Apple App Store. This is an in-app purchase that the game allows. If you want to save money while playing Episode chooses your story, then free Passes and Gems can be useful. With this Episode ticket hack, you can make the most of Episode. You would be able to explore all the features without spending a fortune. You would be able to read as many stories as you like and join in as many stories as you want. Once you know how to get more diamonds on Episode, you would be able to create the best storylines. The game also makes it easy to publish these stories and even share them with your friends.

The tool is safe to use on any mobile device. Connection to secure servers ensure that your transactions are all taking place through secure channels.

This Episode gems and passes generator runs through stringent tests and trial runs. There are regular updates provided to stay up to date with all the game's updates. Each of these updates is thoroughly tested to prevent glitches in the generation process. This robust performance helps you stabilize your strategies for getting unlimited free gems and passes in Episode.

Note that our episode free gems and passes are limited to only the first 100 users every hour. So if you are one of the lucky 100 user to win the gems for the hours, use your gems wisely and spend them on the best episode interactive stories!

Wrapping it all up
If you have been playing Episode for a long time, then you might need something that changes your experience. You might be aware of the many default game options that allow you to earn resources. If you have the patience, then you might enjoy this slow-paced interactive simulation. But if you would like to add a twist to the whole experience, this tool is worth giving a try.

Given that it is free to use you can choose it without having to risk any money. And if you are skeptical about the results, you can start by entering a small number for the free gems and passes count generated. If you are happy with how the whole process goes then you can create more resources. So, to earn gems, you wait patiently and complete small tasks or spend real money to get it done quickly. The other way is to know how to get gems and passes on episode for free mobile app game to generate infinity free gems and free passes on Episode.
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