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Apr 10, 2006, 6:36:49 AM4/10/06
to franklyone
To: Bruce McPherson O.L.S. Manager Property Surveys

April 14 2004

From: frank gallagher C.S.T. Party Chief


I know that I was told at our last meeting that I would need a note
from my Doctor if I was off sick for just one day.
You informed me that it was just a warning at that time.I assumed the
next step would be disciplinary action as that topic was queried by
Gord at the meeting. It sounds very serious to me and has left me
wondering why this is happening. Surely you know that I love my job and
even when I am not there I am trying to improve things. Everything that
I have done including my writings have been for the benefit of the
Department. I believe anyone on staff would attest to this.I believe
that Bob now understands what I have been writing about and how it all
fits into the big picture.

I know that I have upset you and others along the way and I am sorry
for that .I explained why in a previous writing.

My knowledge and capabilities of surveying are much higher than one
would expect of a person with 40 years experience in the business and
only has C.S.T. after his name. My desire to improve procedures is a
natural progression of that which comes from knowledge and experience.
Any private surveyor would appreciate my beyond the call of duty
efforts to help.

Now, even though I have been sick ,my thoughts have been that I must
hurry if I am going to help the Department. As you know I also feel
that there should be a position or two available for the Party Chiefs
to vie for. This would encourage learning ... resulting in high
benefits to you and the department.

Well ....back to the sick thing. As I say ...I am sorry that I have
been sick. Nobody likes being sick. Last Wednesday I was sick but I
called in a vacation day because you do not like me to be sick. Good
Friday straight through Easter Monday I wasn't feeling very good but I
worked on the procedure I am proposing for the Department to adopt...
to improve the quality and control of City property lines designed to
cut costs and create a force of sound and one mind. I wanted to get
this wrapped up because I was returning to the field on Tuesday at your
request. I was gung ho. and felt that I was well overdue for the
exercise which would help me get back into shape. Unfortunately I
wasn't feeling very good Tuesday morning and by the time I got to work
I was quite sick. Dizzy my legs were bothering me and I was cold with
the chills. Bob suggested that I go home but I figured I could get
something done in the office and I had things for Mike to do which I
considered necessary for preparation for my return to the field. I had
no instrument to use anyway because I found out later that you had my
Topcon upstairs to ensure that I did not use it. The Leica was not
ready yet to hook up to the HP48 but this gave Bob and Mike the
opportunity to get it working. Seems that you are always taking my
equipment away

When Bob told me that you wanted a note from my Doctor because I was
staying in the office on Tuesday I was a little bewildered but it was
not a big surprise. How should I word this to my Doctor? How should I
record this on my time sheet?

I know that your concerns about my sickness only arose because of
recent events.

I would much rather be working in harmony together for the Department
but as hard as I try not to be still happens even with your

The fact is ...I do not believe that you are helping things and in fact
it seems your dealings with me have been irrational and less than fair.

It is hard enough working when I am sick with out your help.Anymore
help from you and they will be burying me.
There is no reason to believe that I am abusing the system .The simple
sorry fact is that I am sick.It does not seem right to me that you
should have the right to hit a man when he is down.

You have backed me into a corner of which I see only two ways out.

One is to seek help elsewhere.

Two is to accept your apology and the removal of this gun that you are
holding to my head.

I will get a Doctor's note as you requested and proceed with One
Apologize to me in writing removing that special status you applied to
me in your concern for my sickness.




Wally Kowalenko Top Guy
Bob M
Bruce B
Dan Q
Pat S
Ron K

Added after meeting with Bruce .

He had asked me to come in and sit and we did so as I handed him this
As he tidied my papers between his fingers he said, "before I read
this do you have a Doctor's note"
I replied "No"
Then he said that I am immediately suspended from duty and
he stood up and paced while he went on to say that he was sorry that he
had to do this but......
When he sat down again I suggested to him that maybe if he didn't
want to read this whole paper that he should at least read the last few
lines of the last page.

He did

I accepted his verbal apology and gathered up the other distributed
copies as Bruce requested.
I was returned to normal status

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