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Apr 10, 2006, 6:04:09 AM4/10/06
to franklyone
July 18 2004

AutoCad Land Development AutoDesk
2000i with Autodesk Survey etc

This system is a powerful machine which can perform magic ..away beyond
my comprehension which is probably due to my limited interests of its
capabilities.I am or ...let's say was an avid Legal Survey Party Chief
and have spent 36 +or- years in the field.I wouldn't have had it any
other way.There is the freedom of the good ole outdoors,new places to
see and new people to meet.Each new job is a chance to prove to
yourself how smooth you can get the job in progress and how efficiently
and precise you can return your assignment in a seemingly effortless

There are times when you will surely think the supervisor to be just a
little luny when he may suggest to you that an iron pipe which you
found in the exact position where the field notes of the original house
final survey indicates that an original iron pipe was found is not the position where the original monument sat.

You will perhaps mutter some be or not to be.

This possibly will be as bewildering as a Shakesperian play or maybe an
opera or a ballet.I do not need to hear that your interests are
there...for I do not think in this instance that I will be able to
handle the truth.

Some day.. if not right away ...the words I will prove.For it
is your job to gather evidence relative to the line that you have been
asked to persue.

You will be errant in your way..if you conclude at the beginning..which
is way before its time ...that you know where a street lies..then ask
yourself this..if the answer is so easy..why send me and not the soda
jerk ?

When you have tried your damnest for evidence to back me up...yes ,back
me up.. for that is part of the act to which you are bound .but ..alas
darn it...there is nothing there..beware. If you couldn't find it and
you take the dare say that I won't either.. . I would have to
assume that you have busted your ass or are more than a little
naive....for it is my goal to prove that nowhere in the documents
affiliated with the conveyance of a lot on a Registered Plan of
Subdivision does it say.. the whole lot,nothing but the lot ,so help me
God..unless a Surveyor takes lightly of your rights and others for he
must be for the money...two for the show.

Documents of old and survey plans too ...have an aura of
ambiguity...that remains to this day.Tis a shame.. the trouble spent to
introduce the plan of subdivision.. which was a clear picture to
identify the location and description of a property to be allowed to be
swept away by the misinterpretations of laws and shortage of common

It is inexcusable that a person should lose property due to anothers
Keeps surveyors and lawyers and people too... very busy... and promises
more in the future.For as the value of property escalates.. so will the
desire to sue.Nip this in the bud or pour quite a few.

So with no further ado we will look into the role of fIELD gRAPHICS
partnered with AutoCad Land Development
AutoDesk 2000i with Autodesk Surveys..

You will be amazed with the harmony of this sytem which has united
draftin and computin together into a package that would take one
person,me anyways, a life time to utilize all its powers.I have used a
dos version some 10-12 years ago which was a little trying at times
switching between plotting and computing but this was dramatically
changed with the introduction of Softdesk 8.But they did not stop there
because their latest product has added icons to switch between the
computin and draftin which goes almost unnoticed.If there is a new
version out there now... the switch would be seamless.

I bring this to your attention to emphasize that the technology within
the first system that I was introduced to 10-12
years ago was far superior to anything that the fellows are running
today .For the system recognized the
importance of an all in one system long ago.This suggests to me that
this ingenuity is engrained throughout the system and its true
potential will be unharnessed as others become more familiar with it

The name fIELD gRAPHICS came easy for this venture natural as
the expansion on their way of thinking.

Where AutoDesk melded computin with draftin ..fIELD gRAPHICS intention
is to unite fieldin with draftin with computin and amassin the City
streetlines and pertinent data on a simple plane in such a way that has
never been seen.It will grow wings as we roll up our sleeves for this
effort will grow quickly with help from the whole team.

The name fIELD when united with gRAPHICS allows for a presentation much
less than would be expected from our Cad guys for sure and as we
progress with their help I am hopin our strive for this Big Picture
will reward us with Pride

I am thinking that the benefits of our enthusiasm which will make this
plan work will infact cut costs and eventually reduce monotonous chores


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