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July 20 2004


Recently I conducted a field study with a survey crew headed by
Mr.Michael Bendena.
Heading the equipment used was an HP48 Computer-Data collector
connected to a Lieca EDM and Softdesk (AutoCad,Cogo,Survey package) to
display the information.

It is important to note that although Softdesk was mentioned last it by
no means is the least important of the trio.
In fact the least important is the Leica EDM which is an expensive
unnecessity.This was a management choice and possibly an excellent gun
but the key players are HP48 and Softdesk which stand alone and above
others in the roll of my vision for the future.

The Leica could be replaced with any other instrument compatable with H
& S

I suspect the Leica is here due to its relationship with Topos and its
familiarity with the old boys.Something about old and new tricks maybe.

The HP48 could be upgraded to other more sophisticated Tripod Data
Systems data collectors but the HP48 is a powerful tool and more than
enough for our use as defined in my report.An ad in a computer paper or
a talk with Tripod Data Systems may turn up some HP48s.Used maybe, but
what the heck. There are some owned by our field staff. Maybe that
means something.

The Topos program which is still in development will be by far the
inferior product to Softdesk when it is completed if ever. The greatest
laugh about Topos is when you ask it how to do an intersection it
instructs you step by step how to do it.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Watch your step!! Ha Ha Ha .

What in hell is wrong with that you say?...... When you ask Softdesk
how ? ..It just goes ahead and does it. Call me spoiled.

I remember how to follow instructions away back ... even used a facit
calculator and trigonometry function book and I have even seen an

But I don't think I have ever seen an Elephant fly.(all together
now) no no.. I don't think I have ever seen an ele.......

Now...what the hell was that all about ? An elephant has nothing to do
with this you say !!
I believe if you coloured it white you may get the picture.Having done
so....there should be little excuse...when I ask you to see what the
use can be for the Big Picture.

The truth is that Softdesk has been in use at Scarborough and its
capabilities known by me for years .
I blame me for my inability to verbally comunicate the obvious benefits
to management years ago when the decision was made to adopt Topos and
commissioned the development of an inferior graphics program. Its
inferiority has been confirmed by management.
It is my understanding that Leica took over Wild instruments which
developed Topos which was adopted by some City employees years ago.
It is also my understanding that we now have an updated Softdesk
program licensed to all.It goes under another name now, AutoCad Land
Development and AutoDesk Surveys.I have had a chance to take it for a
spin and it proves to be better than the older package that I have been
testing so.o..o. away we go.

For some time now I have been promoting my vision of a city with stable
street lines ,a big picture to graphically display
the results of our street line retracement surveys and to graphically
represent the data stored in the GIS.

The purpose of this exercise is to simplify,simplify,simplify to the

1..Simplify the learning curve
2..Simplify data collection
3..Simplify computations
4..Simplify a sketch
5..Simplify future projects
6..Simplify the search for street line surveys (City)
7..Simplify the search for street line surveys ( private sector).

Attached are necessary reads which are to be considered policy to enter
the world of fIELD gRAPHICS which is a
package of papers,meticuously written in common unmisinterpretable
language designed to Picture the Future.

There are many copies of these writings circulating I can not
That the piece of paper that you have seen..was not declared a has been
For not unlike other writings providing direction to places unseen
These directions are exactly straight to that fork in the road

If you approached me with this.".We could not decide.. left or right.
So we camped overnight.
All night we yammered about which way would take us best to the future
..but then we saw you ......"
I would say to one .. "go left young man.. go left.. .all the
way...quickly as you can... when you see me again ..You will be there.
I would say to the other.."go right young man ..go right all the
way...quickly as you can... when you see me again ..You will be there.

If they had sat to think ...stead of runnin fast . ..they would have
realized where the future was.

Next time here we meet... they may stay longer to ponder.If you put it
on paper to analyse it becomes perfectly clear
Do not dwell on the fact ... I gave you a bum steer.I just larned ya to
think.While you walked the long circle I was already there.While you
are running this by I have moved on.

So what I am trying to say "Is there will be reasons to sway the course
which are not presently foreseeable but hearing about Murphy and
knowing of hind sight I will nip them before they bud by stating that
the flight plan is not written in stone and that those capable will
quarterback us goal to goal.

So ...Keep in touch (I have the only true copy)




April 4 1964-August 31 2004 11

fg2 Downloads from WWW.AOL.ORG April
9-11 2004
Surveys Act
Party Chief Seminar(Principals of Retracement)

fg3 AutoCad Land Development DeskTop 2i July 18-
AutoDesk Survey 2i

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