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gRAPHICS April 4 1964 - August 31 2004

based on


1....How many words would a picture be worth if it contained accurate
data integrated with the horizontal control network as to the location
of the City streets which would defy any misinterpretations ?

2 ..How many words would a picture be worth if it could dispell the
many misinterpretations of the laws of retracement of registered plans
of subdivision ?

3.. How many words would a picture be worth if the private survey
sector adopted the street lines on this picture ?

4...How many words would a picture be worth if a surveyor did not have
to design an interpretation of the laws for each and every that he can devote his interpretations to the side
lines only ...for if the street lines are accepted then so are the
depths of the lots.Remember ....adverse possession is another subject
as is an occupied limit being or not being the best evidence of the
original registered plan fabric which can be dated back to the time
when the original stakes existed.

5...How many words would a picture be worth if it reflected the purpose
of the many words found in the underlying documents?

6...How many words would a picture be worth if it allowed for the
archiving of multitudes of paper and freeing up the space used by file
cabinets ?

7...How many words would a picture be worth if we cut costs to the tax
payer ?


That is the name of the

Yes .....I call it a game... for surveying is fun and exciting.(For
those who say I jest for sure.. I say that you should try it
first..that may be the cure.)

An opinion with alterior base reflects ones pace
Tis apparent their ability to nestle in
To a life of acceptance for money spent
They will rue the day at journeys end
When they reflect upon..what could have been.

For they gave their all to eliminate.
Better ways to applicate
They would rather do their thing
For they know for sure
The way that is best
Have I not just driven to work
It is now time to rest

Perhaps it is the desire
To find a way to make things finer
But alas we have no time today
Though we.. who know spend and waste
Do not hesitate to exelerate
For add ons to chase
A better method which can not be beaten
Like we the power of united ignorance

No matter the after market goodies
Will a Chevy make race
With a ship designed for outer space
Let us bow our heads and save face

For although we could have afforded the best and more
For the money that flew out the door
It can not be our fault
A reason to care is nought

For this is the way that people are strung
As certain as death and paying taxes
The joke goes as we were brung
I hear words now that will be sung
About the people in 2004

If they had not laughed at taxes
The money not wasted
Would have saved their asses
They would be here today
With all the masses
Who exist in 3004

They had voted in the dummest
For common sense at eighteen
The average could achieve
But since the leaders didn't get it
They were put in special classes
Universities and such..
Where the blinders were fitted

There wasn't enough money though
For all the world to enjoy
The fairy tail life style of the classes
So listen to me and I will show you how
The Prof would say
How to steal from the masses

Did you hear about the man from ..........
His name was Dick and sure could shovel it
He taught his followers to do that.. you know
So when they did it best than the rest
They were helped up the ladder and got badder

They set up procedures to follow
So they with unwashed brain
Yes,those who care.. were offered a ring
Like the one around Saturn
Tis a long Journey
And when you get back
You will just be a lot older
I can attest to that.

They show the power of years and numbers
They get man handling seminars
Which brings progress to slumber

Too bad for those who will not fight
Perhaps it is due to little insight
There is a well known saying
About a horse and some water

I strongly suggest to make DUE D
Inform the less than enthusiastic
For if the peoples money
Was applied to fIELD gRAPHICS
Costs decline would be
Steep and rather fantastic


fIELD gRAPHICS presents many opportunitys to laugh.Enjoy these moments
because opportunity knocks daily.A happy surveyor will make better
decisions.A surveyor knowing how his results fit within the BIG PICTURE
will be the happiest surveyor.A surveyor analysing the number of
misinterpretations will get the biggest kick for the buck.


I believe that the intent of a registered plan of subdivision was to
make life easier for those people involved with the conveyance of land.
It certainly is for the registration of the documents pertaining to
land and it surely is a picture that indeed was intended
to be worth a thousand words. (possibly a trillion million words)

Unfortunately as life will have it ...some discrepancies cropped up due
to human error and carelessness due to the vast amount of land and its
minor value when compared to todays relative costs.Court decisions
were made at the time and later to provide direction to reestablish
property lines and we must remember that these decisions were not made
to cover minor discrepancies because there would generally be no need
to seek the advice of the courts for these.

Note that these court decisions were made to instruct the surveyor as
to how to mend a broken subdivision.

Common sense surely would negate any credence to an interpretation that
the court was providing loopholes to fix a registered plan of
subdivision that was not broken.


(As described in the A.C.S.T.T.O 1967
SURVEY PRECIS Volume II...Evidence 7-8 2.03)

The term "original monument" applies to a monument called for ,either
directly or indirectly,by a deed.
Any other monument as far as this particular deed is concerned is not
an original monument.Original monuments control the locations of the
land described in the conveyance except in a case of a monument called
for in a senior deed.An original monument to be of value must be in its
original position and other types of evidence(ie Bearing Trees etc.)
should be used to verify this position.

This tranlates me ...that a survey which claims to have found an
original monument but did not test its position by measuring the 66'
registered plan dimension across the road to original evidence ..fails
the test ..and the term original monument and all that the law provides
for an original monument has been waived for this particular
monument.This monument is still evidence ....but certainly not the best
evidence until it is tested for that status.

That simply means that the building reference ties taken at the time of
the original house stake out are evidence as to where the surveyor
found a monument.It does not have the status of an original
monument.Normal survey methods of retracement will easily reveal the
truth .
Some can't handle the Truth.


Normal survey practice will reveal that the registered plan of
subdivision can be reestablished today by overwelming evidence which
will prove that the registered plan is not and was not broken....and
therefore the rights that go with court decisions to fix broken
registered plans do not apply.

To clarify that statement... I mean that if the best evidence found in
the retracement concurs with the intent of the registered
plan...dimensions,direction and evidence of the original monumentation
...then the plan ...or that part of the plan is deemed not broken and
any laws or court decisions made to correct errors made during the
original survey of a registered plan are not applicable.

The need for this BIG PICTURE which I like to refer to as fIELD
gRAPHICS has been identified in the past but the technology was not
available.It is my belief that technology is available here and now to
build and design the appropriate Big Picture.The contol and use must
remain with the Legal Surveys Section for it is us who fully understand
its purpose.Development must remain with the survey section and it must
be susceptible and hence alterable.

A note requesting any evidence contrary to the street lines shown on
the Big Picture would be appreciated as we
are attempting to document the City streets etc.

A note stating that the information shown on the BIG PICTURE is in fact
our present opinion but we are
adaptable to change at this time.Verrified point numbers should be
locked and the verified street lines thickened on the Big Picture.

How to get
the show on the road
"fg closure"
That means that it has been prepared and filed under the guidelines of
" fIELD gRAPHICS " and awaits to be certified to be in harmony with all
its abutting neighbours which on doing so will be identified by the
words "fg closure" clearly visible on the face of the block .
The intent of this system is to gain control of our streetlines and the
horizontal control network itself.

To set this in place we must learn to work of sound and one mind.Before
a block can qualify to join the Big Picture it must meet the standards
set out herein ..

There is no time like the present to get started and we can adopt and
change the rules as we go as long as the integrity of the system is
never compromised.

Human error and inferior methods of gathering data can not be
tollerated for we do not want to taint the integrity of the system.
We have the knowledge and the equipment to get it right... so ....let's
do it.

Surveys normally integrated with the horizontal control network should
follow the guidelines as set out herein.

Firstly,for accuracy and much less work we would adopt an SOS system
which is simply dot dash dot where the dots are two points set by
resection from horizontal station control building ties connected by
one long straight line running down the sidewalk.(The longer the
better)These points can be considered fixed by the field staff as long
as the results of a backsight distance check is reasonable.(0.02 +or-
centimeters for a 300 +or- meters) The HP48 records the discrepancy.
Additional reference building ties should be recorded and the
description entered (ch) for check along with the occupied point
number.Tieing in all the control stations along the traverse line of
interior arteries of a subdivision would be superfluous.In fact I
would go further to say that maintenance of the control monuments is a
blatant waste of money and that assigned staff could be set to better

The legal portion should indicate how the street line was established

Version 1 July 4 2004

The whereabouts of the City streetlines are so heavily documented to
the extent that a surveyor could in fact make it a career
searching,analysing and retracing one city registered plan.
The documents can be found in Registry Offices,Municipal Offices,Survey
Offices,Home Owners etc.There are so many places in fact that I do not
dare to pretend that I am aware of all the possible places where they
may be found.The standard search procedure of any survey office for a
current project certainly will not uncover all the evidence available
and therefore is highly vulnerable to new evidence produced.

That is because there is no reliable one source to extract this
The City has many systems in place to accumulate the masses of
GIS has accomplished a miracle by creating one of the biggest drawers
in the world.This drawer unfortunately, only contains the documents
that they were able to find and file.It contains current documents and
documents which could be considered passe'.
Each time a survey is requested a person must open this drawer and find
whichever he or she deems necessary and then analyse it.
As neatly filed and easily accessed the GIS may be.. in the drawer.
.once the information is printed.. the data is forwarded to a field
crew which begins to sort this information for practicle use.
Let's see.What have we got here now.2 bylaws,45 survey plans,7
reference plans,22 registered plans,50 horizontal control sheets.
They will fumble through this data over and over again as they piece a
project together.Let me see ...we have field notes that are just great
and co-ordinates for this point and that.
This system is ridiculous and there can be no denying that.
It had to suffice when you knew no better but the proof has been
presented that the ways of the past should long
ago have been prevented.Ignorance is what we find in the past..when we
relate knowledge it is understood ...because of course we know more
today than then.....that is the way it has always been.

The present day system is simply the same the one used in 1904
...with the help of some modern
day contraptions.


Imagine instead if you had a table large enough to lay out a map of the
City and the pertinent registered plan,
control sheets, field notes, deeds,reference plans ,coordinate
files,by-laws, etc.could be layed out and
distributed on the table to their relative locations.
Imagine instead that when you retrieved all this Data from GIS that the
printer sorted and layed all the information
on the big table exactly where they belong.
Now all the Party Chief would have to do is walk to the area on this
big buffet table to find the information he needs.
He would carry a large plate for he would have a huge appetite
...depending on his do a survey...
to provide the proper facts.
Will he do what Tim said he did for a job like this or maybe this fits
into the way Mikey does it.

Just Dreaming ?

Now since I am just dreaming ,right ,let's imagine that we program that
table map to extract all the pertinent information from the piles of
paper on its lap.When finished we will have enough paper to burn to
keep our office warm for another term.
So with the huge mounds of paper removed we can see a big picture so
fantastic.It shows me everything I could ever want to know about the
area I was asked to explore.In fact the field work is done.I will just
check some dimensions for the coordinates are there.
Wait one moment here is a folder.I will download and open the drawing
and import the coordinates.I will have it almost done in my
computer...Oh damn it was only a dream.

That dream does not have to be far away for I know the way as I have
mentioned previous.The big problem I am told is that tons of gold have
been invested in GIS which as I said before is just an attachment to
the birch bark canoe which has kept us above water until some new

When cars were manufactured to get from A to B all kinds of inventions
were added for efficiency.
But this technology can only take you so far because as the distances
increased and autos although refined..
Were still quite useful to get you to a whole new invention introduced
as the rocket.
This could get you there faster and to places the auto had not seen.

and fIELD gRAPHICS = Rocket
then Car is to Rocket

That is to say that as Car can get you to the Rocket
GIS can get you to the fIELD gRAPHICS

It is quite obvious...the superior benefits of fIELD gRAPHICS which for
legal surveys tis the ultimate goal
That when a street line is requested and when? is answered "yesterday"

Your response will be "You Got IT" but how can that be.
Years ago we were set in our ways ..then along came f... g

Has a property owner ever informed you that the street has been
surveyed a multitude of times already and you explained why it was
necessary.. while all the time wondering how they got so naive ?
Do they not know how many surveyors there are out there who have been
licenced to mark a street line according to there interpretations of
the law ?There was one 66' road somewhere here and each surveyor.. of
which there are many...are the only ones legally allowed to take a
chance to pick a line much like a game of pick up sticks.They first
gather evidence and assess the possible lines ...then they pick up
lines which are the easiest to remove by their common sense and discard
them.Eventually there is one line left and that line is his winner.The
only way to lose is to have moved the correct line but nobody knows
which one it is.
"I do" says he and confidence is embedded for years go by and his work
unquestioned....does that make him right...I think naught.
For the nature of this game makes it difficult to get caught.
Pick up any survey and you will see at a glance.If there are no
differences shown between surveyors results its because he was not
likely to turn himself in by offering conflicting evidence.He has done
it wrong even when he may be right.
When a surveyor offers the evidence for and against he has done it
right even when he may be wrong.

It appears from what I have read the surveyors job is to establish
lines according to laws and the way that they
may be judged in court.


It is pathetic, the evidence that I have observed.When I am finished
retracing a registered plan of subdivision and the lines fixed in their
original undisturbed position.. the evidence that doesn't work is
abundant leaving plenty of room for misjudgement.
That is why in many a case when my project was capital works ..That
given an area difficult to retrace and the evidence available was
surely a disgrace..I would take it upon myself to correctly stake this

How much money does a property owner,tax payers too, pay to surveyors
who have screwed up the City and then
charge so much extra to screw it up again.

We the city have surveyed the bad areas where the misinterpretations of
surveyors opinions have run rampant.
It has been said that capital works projects are ok within a foot but
it is my opinion that we who are responsible for the street limits of
our tax payers spend a lot of their money on key point and capital
works that have identified troubled areas which results are hidden from
private surveyors.
This is disgusting when problems could be resolved .so many days on the
job and decisions made..We have the advantage of time and more evidence
to ponder for we usually have a bigger picture to assess...for a simple
private survey of a house that the owner must make a loan ,must borrow
even more for a survey that will be incorrect.His survey now recorded
on the net will most likely be used by the surveyor who follows next.

By ignoring erroneous spots it seems to me... far from DUE Diligence...
our action to ignore.For we have left the door open for the error to
continue and expand even more.

I know if I were the land owner of property lost.And the City was
negligent I would look to them for cost.
For surely they were aware of the problem and certainly should have
because they were in the area for days.If it
was land surveying that they were doing then why not.It was a shame
that they never published their results I would insist.Did a surveyor
not request any evidence the City had?I believe the loss due to
evidence withheld.

If I have not made myself clear ,I await anxiously as ever,please put
it in writing,at least one written response would be held dear.


Let us just go look at the big picture showing all the pertinent
imformation at a glance.

We don't have one you say.Well it is more important than ever.Let's go
get It

Field proceedure

1...SOS Dot Dash Dot .-. Alias two for one

2 dots for one dash
2 projects for one (the project de jour will also aid
in the construction of the Big Picture and the Big
picture will immediately
return aid to the current project.See attached sketch.)

It is imperative to tighten up our use of the
horizontal control network throughout the City along with
a controlled effort to tighten up our understanding
and use of the rules and regulations governing our
survey retracements.

So the intent of fIELD gRAPHICS
is manyfold.

It is our desire to cease and desist the FREE FOR ALL that does
When we unite in procedure and the common sense understanding of
the intent of the relative laws
we will be


One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get steady
Four for the contol


· 1....Establish a straight line down a sidewalk by setting a cut
cross at each end and co-ordinate these
points by resection.You should always consider the Big
Picture when selecting the site for these
cut crosses that will be used for your current
project. .See attached sketch

Note Two files must be opened One Control File
CONT(job) # Coridinate file (Lock #s)

Working File Job # Raw data file

The lowest nunber in the Working file must be higher
than the highest # in the control file

Both files will be downloaded.You must lock the
Control File numbers in AutoDesk

The party chief assistant should be assigned to

Create the Control

(G) Create a new job called CONT(Job #)..accept the
coordinates N5000 E5000 (Create)
(I) Make sure the raw data file is turned On
(H) Setup Menu-(IIOperating modes-Azm=N.azimuth
SF=1 Dist unit=Meter Angle Unit=Degree
Exit(H) Devices Select instrument by scrolling or
manual to input data
(J) Repitition Horiz angle=single Vert ang=single
Dist mode=single Sets=1 angle tol=(sec)30
Dist tol=0.005

(NOTE) Select a control station located
aprox+/-centered in the middle of the project for Point # 10
Using the blue shift key then ED CRD-scroll to
Northing & Easting and overwrite 5000 with the
horizontal control station coordinates for Point #
10 Elev=0 Desc=H- ##########(STORE)
Enter the next station points in miltiples of 10
starting with point # 20(ie next #=20 next 30 and
so on)This reserves space for the control station
reference ties

After entering all the control coordinates.Exit
(N) Survey adjustment..(G) Change scales From point
1 To point #...Base point =10

Scale factor 1.0001200144 (up to ground) Before
downloading SF=0.99988

(NOTE) If you only have one # to adjust you must
enter the same # in both fields From...To..

Enter the coordinates for the building reference
ties by applying the azimouth and ground
distance shown on the horizontal control sheets.
Blue shift key ...Pt-Dir...fill in information
requested and solve ...etc
From point=10 Azim=from control sheet Hor dist=from
control sheet +/- angle = 0 Store pt 11
11 translates to reference tie # 1 for the control
station coordinates assigned to point # 10
Ref tie coordinates stored as point # 11=sta 10 ref
tie 1 ....35 = sta 30 ref tie 5

See below for Desc

**** NOTE ****When a control tie is to an outer brick it must
be noted in the Description field as OB ****

· 2....Long lines are imperative and the most practicle.

· 3...Use horizontal control building reference ties only

· 4...The first resection point will need two setups.


4a... ..Just do the resection ... .Enter CC for the
description ...leave a prism on the tripod and advance
to the next CC to be resected.
After resection...sighting the resection point at
the other end of the traverse line .. take a couple
of check shots to horizontrol control reference
ties (buildings only) and tie in at least one building
in each quadrant of street
intersections..entering its description as a quadrantal number
(1=ne 2=se 3= sw 4= nw )for the building corner.
Follow that with the material of the building tie
(Brick,Concrete Foundation=CF,Concrete Block=CB)

Outer Brick = OB and then the street address.If
the tie is to a veranda or porch (Column )....
preceed the quadrant number with C (ie C3156 = sw
column of porch building #156) 1B105=ne brick
corner of building # 105(4OB356B.02E.02N=nw outer
brick bldg # 356 the main brick house tie is
0.02E 0.02 N

****** Any other information can be entered by Note(ie
brick base projects 0.05 E .05 N)
****** If a note is added enter xx in desc field This
will red flag it.

(Optional)Set a cc on line towards the first cc(
resection point) and of course on any other line that
will be necessary to run during the survey( see
. Record the point in the data collector entering
CC for description.
Record angles and distances to all
CCs(resectioned points)description=CH# (CH for check and #
being the number of the occupied station.

4b...Return to the first cc resectioned point and
follow the steps in A

· Each building should have the corners nearest the street
line tied in for reference to previous
· Of course... tie in any monumentation found at the street
corners or the next few property corners.
· 5...Move ahead to a cut cross set on one of the lines which was
set to locate a bend in the street
(ie line between registered plans)

Before downloading the coordinates you
must scale them back down to Grid
See Above



REMEMBER Evidence of a street created by a registered plan of
subdivision is to be found on both sides of the street.
Always tie in buildings and a few monuments on
both side of the street at each occupied station.
Regardless of your opinion as to the need for the
current job it will be useful for the big picture.

All traverse bends will be set by resection of the horizontal control
building reference ties.( Keep the angle between the reference ties
near 90 degrees as practicle.)


Description Symbol

Resection point
CC Open CC
Horizontal control building reference ties Quadrant #,T
,# Relative building corner

( 1,2,3,4 reference Tie # ) (NE,SE,SW,NW
corner of


Column porch tie

the relative column

Check and instrument station # CH#
Found SIB #
S# Filled Square
Found IB#
I# Filled
Found RIB#
R# Filled Square
Found IP
P Filled
FCC Filled CC
Set - (whatever)
SET- Open square

The benefits of the above procedure are
many ...but to name a few....

CUT the learning
All field staff should and will be expected to be able to perform the
procedures above with little experience.

CUT the field
No field closure is necessary.
Back sight checks do that job.

CUT the paste
It will not be necessary to cut and paste the raw data.

CUT the field and
office work time
We will all be marching to the same drummer
Routine will provide consistency and harmony
We will be of sound and one mind

CUT the nonsense

Needless work will be eliminated when it is clear what evidence is

A Goal or game for the staff which will be a lot like piecing together
a huge Jig Saw Puzzle which when completed will be entered into the
Guiness Book of Records for the largest most complicated puzzle ever
put together and more importantly will be the most valuable for it will
be a huge Picture representing the contents of all the documents filed
in the Big Drawer (alias Archives)


The beauty of this Jig Saw Puzzle is that we can shave the pieces with
legal savay that will allow the pieces to fit.

At this moment I am thinking that a Big Picture should be the area
covered by an assessment sheet .

All field results in the form of a sketch,co-ordinate file,survey
report,field notes(raw data file)FBK file etc will be contained in one
folder.This folder will be recorded on the A-sheet noted as fIELD
gRAPHICS.Gradually the A-Sheet will fill in and at some point there
will be amalgamations which we City staff are surely aware of the
concept.But at first a little more direction will be needed to gain

That is to say that new projects will eventually be near completed
projects and the bigger files will swallow up the smaller files until
one day there is only one file for the pertinent A-Sheet.A Big Picture.


Assessment sheets for the base have been
chosen for
the initial launch of fIELD gRAPHICS
because of their
known association to

For this experience, will indeed be
needed and not too far away
For as doors Open.. need for Revisions
will surely come to light

Foresight.. . Will and .
Insight too.. will surely aid
We the resolved will unite for the fight
to determine right
This will be simple for the Big
Picture will assist
Now a little help from our friends will
be appreciated to

for we have a Vision..we ain;t just
spoken..we insist
for....... we ...Saw....... the .......
Jig...was ..up for.the...Puzzle

For those who do not yet get it .. The Big Picture.. that
is..Just follow the instructions and you will

MY final and closing attempt to persuade..may have
served better as my opening

But I think this displays best ..that which is
the basis of field gRAPHICS

Long ago and today too,property was
conveyed in similar ways

They used ..1...? to define
the extent of documents

And their
..2.....? With out these ...1...?

knows where

or what the


this paper

was all about

became apparent

That even when
..1....? were present

The interpretations of
these documents could

Misguide you by miles and even
when the ...1...? were perfect

The ...1...? were so many that even the
most interested showed concern 10

That more than a square or rectangle was hard
to follow by it was common

To attach a ...3....? to the document.This was
hugely appreciated by me and all the others

Who had reason to read the ..2....? and just as important
to what extent the ...1....? meant to describe

Surely now solving was simple for 1,2 and 3 are
proud of yourself now but lets wait and see

.4 , 5 ,6 pick up sticks ..still fun let us
see ...these were the solution you will see below

As years went by these ...3 es...?
disappeared ,and many of these documents

With nothing but ...1....?
were ambiguous to say the least so...

4....... ...5....?
were introduced and separations of

6...? of the
whole.. were now easily known

The sorry
fact is that it was obvious

many that had the power

to lead us from the



Damn it.. I suppose there are many now who
still do not get it ,so let me just say that

as sure as the ...4.... ...5....? were
well overdue ...before the powers that were

Finally relented and consented
to the obvious need and change

Was imminent ...Perhaps
HOW to change is what

Kept them
stuck...but with the benefit of

H......? S......? and most

important the

F... S.....


f... g..

HOW.. need not be the reason to delay NOW is the
season to play

For those unable to fill in the spaces for the above 1.-.6 you are in
luck because there is a fix (see below for the
space fillers)
Those who were able and also got F...S.... and f... g.....I thank you
very much for I am pleased with your attention
and H....S.....

You are the people who can lead and help enact this system.I think that
a solemn oath that declares that you
agree should be witnessed by your signature which will be preserved for
all man kind .... to know ..who were
those..with F...S....and H...S.....along with f......g......

Just to make it more interesting I believe... I will set a place for
the participants of the above.You will be listed in
order as to your understanding of my writings.Seniority of position
will be the tie breaker decision.For those who


do not excel it was my fault. I am sorry. For my inability to
communicate ..a most obvious scenario and suggest
that you all take a rest.Those who got it... may join me for some
chess.I would imagine the rest of you would like
to get back to your game....Hi Ho the Dairio was the last I heard
from...I don't remember their names.


Note the
following is not the answer to f.....g.....above or is it?


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