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To:Bruce McPherson OLS Manager of Legal Surveys
February 15 2004

From: Frank Gallagher CST Partychief

Hi Bruce

Firstly,I thank you for bringing me up to date Thursday afternoon
February the 12th 2004.You asked if I was ready to return to the field
and if not a note from my doctor would be required.I asked what you
preferred me to do.Return to the field because that is my position you
responded.You mentioned a couple of other people with seniority ,one
being an Ontario Land Surveyor would also like to be inside .We had
discussed that particular OLS a few months ago .I remarked how
surprised I was at his ignorance .I mentioned that I used to be his
supervisor 18 years ago at Fentons' and that he has not come a long way
in the 18 years.I had recently discussed a job with him and was asking
him why he was doing so much work running all the adjacent property
lines for a lane closure and sell off at the rear of the
properties.This was a huge waste of Tax Payers money .I asked him some
document questions to which his response was very disappointing to
me.How could he have his Ontario Land Surveyor papers with such a poor
understanding of how the land was acquired and therefore what land
could be disposed of ? His technical abilities also are very weak.I
asked him"How come you listened to me when I was your supervisor back
at Fentons' but won't now".

Bob Mountjoy OLS can attest to this.

You said "I know...he is stubborn."

Now, I wonder how you can even suggest that he should be in the office
before me.

As for the other partychief.That surely has to be a joke.

I was not suggesting that I should be in a line waiting for my number
to come up for an office position because that would never happen in my
life time..

What I am saying is that surely a position could be created that would
be of great benefit to the survey section.A position that could extract
my knowledge and pass it on to staff for use.I am a rare breed in that
you will not find my experience and knowledge anywhere within one
person.I have spent 40 years in this business acquiring knowledge that
is about to be flushed down the toilet if you do not give me the chance
to pass it on to other staff members.Surely you know that what I say is
true .

By creating this position you will be setting a goal for partychiefs to
go for.The rare breed that excel in the field,in quality
performance,knowledge,enthusiasm and production deserve a seat by their
OLS counterparts who earned their seats the easyway.Slip through the
OLS program and then learn from and use these men to keep themselves
out of trouble and further their education.

I have on countless occasion told supervisors something I knew from
experience to help them execute their job.
I do that without batting an eyelash because I am glad to help.There
are no rewards for this except the knowledge that I may have helped in
some way and I am naive enough to believe that some day I may be
appreciated. Too often though they use this information right back at
me.I have had supervisors cite my words back at me in front of other
surveyors acting as if they are informing me.Are they testing me or
maybe they just want the credit.

I have told you people that the new proceedure you had in mind for the
survey section a few years ago was not compatible to the needs of the
partychief who actually does the work.I declined the offer of one of
the three brand knew Leica instruments because it would not be
practicle in the survey world I knew.Since then Jim has bent over
backwards as he always has to make things work and there is nobody more
capable to do so and has great satisfaction in running data through
this program and that program and this program and then this one.It
certainly doesn't make any sense to me to spend all that money on new
equipment that is more difficult to use and less efficient than the
equipment that I was using then and now.It is my understanding that you
are more aware of this now .
That reminds me.When we Scarborough people first came over to 740 Don
Mills Road an incident occurred.I had already come back for about the
second or third time from the parking lot filling requests for
information from various supervisors and some woman who then commands
us to follow her .These people treated us like pieces of shit.Then Hans
comes along and asks me while Jim was there what version of Tripod Data
Systems I had.I had had enough by this time when he asked me to go to
my car to get the information that he wanted.I said I just remembered
that it is at home and that I wouldn't be able to get it until later.He
said that is okay,just phone it into me.I said quite abruptly"will you
be here at 7 tonight ?"Anyway Jim told him that it was basically the
same as his and he agreed that that would be okay.

I wondered why he did not have this information because our office had
a copy of my inventory.I still have a copy which Dan gave to me after I
corrected it to include TFRMAP.
It wasn't until a few months later that I found out what that incident
had cost me.Everyone who had computers were upgraded in 2000 with new
computers except me.Hans told me that he wasn't aware that I had a
laptop computer.When my computer broke down I asked him if he could do
anything with it.At one time he gave me hope that he may be able to
get me an old one that had been turned in.That fell through and after
considerable time he said he was sorry and that he was unable to fix
it.I took it to a computer shop where the fellow fixed it on the spot
in an hour for $ 80.00.He just loaded DOS 6.1 saying that DOS 6 which
was loaded on the laptop was troublesome.The department agreed to pay
for this.
Then when I went to load the TFRMAP program Hans told me that he was
sorry but I didn't have a license for it and that he didn't know that I
was supposed to have it..The data collector that I had wasn't going to
be much use to me without a download program.Then I found out that I
also didn't have Autocad(SoftDesk) anymore.Obviously there was
something going on and I was on my own for technical support.

No problem.I went back to my Sharp Pocket Computer which I had brought
with me to Scarborough which was programmed in basic language.I
modified the program to perform the everyday survey computations for
Scarborough.This data I could download to my laptop and supply the
office with the necessary data.I had worked with SoftDesk and learned
how to input data in my HP data collector so that when the data was
collected and converted to a field book the linework and symbols would
be drawn when the field book was run in SoftDesk.Dan mentioned that he
showed Ron one of my jobs being run on the computer who remarked that
he hadn't seen anything like it.

Then my program licenses are gone.

Then I hear that the city is developing a program that will draw the
graphics as the data is downloaded.I think that I was supposed to be
amazed.Maybe there is a connection here to my missing licenses.

These things are quite frustrating .Might be considered abusive.I
wonder if my fairly recent diagnoses of depression has anything to do
with this.As you know I was off sick for quite awhile in 2002.A serious
sleeping problem.If you remember after being off work for about 2 1/2
months I tried to come back but realized that I wasn't ready part way
down and totalled my car and another persons before I got home.Nobody
was hurt.

The union certainly is a great organization but you and I and the world
know that the system does not encourage above and beyond the call of
duty efforts.In fact it encourages relaxation knowing that the union
will look after them if they just do their job in a reasonable amount
of time.
I am saying that I have knowledge and desire far superior to any that
you have on staff regarding proceedures,technical methods and use of
equipment along with the correct interpretaion of the pertinent laws
which can only lead to great savings for the tax payer when
implemented.The ability to recognize and use this to the benefit of the
City should be easy.

You confirmed this when I asked why I had not had any written response
to my writings of late.I asked if you felt it was not worthy of a
response or whatever and that if you felt that I was wrong ..... I
would like to know so that I can correct my ways.
You answered that there was nothing to correct me on but there are
other interpretations out there.I said "That is the problem and that is
what I am striving to clear up".I was using Job # 2003-1343 as evidence
and maybe for an educational aid.

By the way ....I must mention that it does not go unnoticed that when I
try to discuss this with some of the supervisors including you...that
they have to run....saying no time now.

I have worked in this business as a partychief for near 35 years and as
a supervisor,office manager for two years in the private sector (I left
the position during an economic downturn for a more secure position
with the City).I have never had to consult with my supervisors to
complete a job ....except at the very beginning with DHO which I have
mentioned in previous writings.

I do notice that a lot of consulting with other partychiefs is

I mentioned that when I was with the Department of Highways and went
into an unfamiliar township I would touch base with the relevent
municipal surveyor for their methods in retracing their roads.

I find it strange that they had policies,the Department of Highways
have policies but the City has no written policies as I have previously
I find it quite interesting that a person showing the most interest is
not only ignored but abused for his efforts.

You will recall that on Friday the 13th 2004 when I stopped to hand you
my latest writing to you and Bruce Brouwers OLS that you told me to go
away and how I had wasted your time the day before with the same thing.

This is not the first time that Bruce Brouwers has witnessed your
distasteful behavior to me.

Do you remember not too long ago when I asked if you were interested in
my comments to the request for input on the "Deferred Monumentation in
the Subdivision Process-Request for Comment."You immediately said that
you had just sent it out but that you would show Wally what I had
written.Do you remember the Cities meek response?Do you remember your
greeting to me the next day when you and Bruce were talking at the
field desk.I said "Good morning."Bruce said "Good morning"I repeated
twice to you"Good morning"before you blurted out "I talk too much"I
wonder what that was all about.

Remember not too long ago when someone from J.D.Barnes called Dan
Quinlan to say that some of our bars were measuring up to 2 meters out
and how you and Dan and Ron Karpiel and Ross Burton made a round table
decision to tell Barnes to either pull the bars and reset them in the
correct position or use them as a witness to the true corners.Do you
remember snubbing me... then having made your decision leaving me
muttering at the table something about shouldn't we at least get a copy
of their notes and I don't understand.Ross Burton was slower getting
away and I managed to get a few words out of him.I said I don't
understand ,I am just trying to learn something.He did confirm that yes
,we probably should see their notes.
Do you remember that I stopped at the site on my way home and got a
number from one of the bars.Do you remember that it turned out to be
another surveyors' bar and that he had resurveyed the boundary.That he
had planted the bars as witnesses to the true bends because fence posts
were occupying the true corners.I wonder what the penalty is for
removing another surveyors bars?Can you believe that someone from
Barnes would not check the bar for a number .

Back to Thursday the

Do you remember what you mentioned last after our discussion.... that
the partychiefs could use this lesson and I said right,the
partychiefs....the partychiefs as you retreated down the hall.

Of course if they need the lesson then I must assume that the
supervisors also could use the lesson.After all,who instructs the
partychiefs?Who instructs the supervisors?

That,of the subject of one of my writings ..headed "POLICY"

I mentioned that there once was a position held by Peter Law that was
cancelled because he abused the position.My history has never indicated
any fact quite the opposite.I have been abused for showing
the interest that I do .

You have made comments out loud in the presents of many staff members
on several occassons that I was a heavy drinker back when we knew each
other as we worked together at Unwin Murphy & Esten OLS.I remember
telling you that I don't drink coffee any more ...that I am a tea
totaller now.Do you remember laughing as you said "you a tea totaller
in front of everyone.....before I could say that I drink green tea
now."I find that peculiar behavior for someone in your position.

Your attitude changed quite a bit since we reunited at the Scarborough
Ellesmere yard after the City amalgamation.You remember when I called
to you from the Legal Surveys field office as you were entering the
Engineering field office with Dan Quinlan OLS.You responded to me with
a few words that prompted Dan to say "I didn't know that you knew
Frank"You responded with"Are you kidding,Frank taught me everything I
know about land surveying"

I was a proud man that day.

ps I will appreciate a written response more than ever this time.

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