Frankly_map issue in xcode 6.3?

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Pete D

Apr 10, 2015, 6:49:04 PM4/10/15

I've updated 3 of our computers to Xcode 6.3 as of this week. 

Since doing so, 2 of those 3 computers can't run my Frank suite.

Here's what I'm getting:

When any test involves the "frankly_map" method, the method returns "nil"

This was not true before I upgraded from Xcode 6.2 to Xcode 6.3.

But I have no explanation for why I still have one computer running just fine. 

Has anyone run across this before? Or is anyone else having trouble running Frank with Xcode 6.3?

Pete D

Apr 13, 2015, 5:02:13 PM4/13/15
I'm still looking for some help on this.

I've found that the line (346) in frank_helper, returns [null] for any and all of my OBJ-C methods. Again, this is just for a few of the computers in my office.

    res = frank_server.send_post(

:query => selector,
:operation => operation_map,
:selector_engine => selector_engine

res= {"results":[null],"outcome":"SUCCESS"}
whereas my operational computers return
res= {"results":[{"x":717,"y":147}],"outcome":"SUCCESS"}

All the other code before this line seem to return the same values on both environments. This seems to be the delta. 

Any clue as to why one is different than the other? Two of these computers are completely identical Mac minis with the exact same specs. And yet they're giving me different results.

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