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Karl Krukow

Sep 10, 2014, 12:56:06 AM9/10/14
Hey Frankensteins,

Long overdue, but now available is the Frank-Calabash plugin. This plugin allows Frank users to take advantage of the features of Calabash in their Frank test suites. This can be done on a case-by-case basis, e.g. for specific tests or globally.  Most notably those features are:

- The Calabash query engine. This supports a super-set of the Shelly query engine which Frank uses by default. The Calabash query engine most supports things like queries into web views, queries by NSPredicates ("CONTAINS","BEGINSWITH"..), table view queries "tableViewCell indexPath:row,sec"  and an extended visibility filtering mechanism "all/visible". Query language docs:

- Full UIAutomation access, things like deactivateAppForDuration (sending the app to the background and back) and rich gestures (e.g. pinching or panning) or dismissing the "Access to Current Location" dialog.

- Web-view support, query for dom elements in a web view using CSS or XPATH. Perform touch events or text entry on those elements.

- On-device testing. . For On-device testing you also want to check out Xamarin Test Cloud:

The important requirement to take advantage of the plugin is to let Calabash launch the app (since Calabash requires launching using instruments rather than sim launcher), and to install the plugin. This will require change to your test suite launch procedure for the Test cases where you want to use Frank-Calabash.

For more details and installation instructions, please read:

Also the initial demo screencast:

Note we still consider this an "Alpha" feature so feedback is welcome!

- Karl

Santiago Rodriguez Sordo

Sep 10, 2014, 5:51:20 AM9/10/14
great news

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Joshua Moody

Mar 17, 2016, 11:23:11 AM3/17/16
to Frank
Hi all,

We are thinking about dropping support for the Calabash plug-in for Frank.

Is there anyone using the plug-in?

Anna Góra

Apr 19, 2016, 9:27:19 AM4/19/16
to Frank
I am considering using it.
I have just taken over a large suite of tests of a iOS app written in Ruby / Cucumber + Frank and Watir (for a backend console app part) and as Frank is not supported for iOS 9 I suppose I need to migrate it to something else. I wonder if Frank-Calabash would be helpful. I also think about testing on physical iOS devices (with various of iOS versions). 
Do you think I should switch to it? Or could you recommend me something else as I don't want to switch frameworks again when iOS 10 will be released.
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