SOME/IP: Binding code generator for HTML5 client

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May 2, 2020, 7:30:47 AM5/2/20
to Franca
I have executed code for SOME/IP protocol among Server (C++) and Client (C++) with the help of described method at "" . 
Now as my next experiment, I need to connect another client (HTML5/JS) to this Server (C++) via SOME/IP. I am unable to find the HTML supportive/binding files. I have below query for that
1) Where I can find the "code generator tool" which can generate the binding code for HTML client.
2) If "code generator"is not there, Is there any another way to do this. Please provide any related example link..

Please help me in this.


Klaus Birken

Jul 2, 2020, 7:49:07 AM7/2/20
to Franca
Hi Kuldeep,

I am not aware of a code generator which supports a JS-to-C++ connection via the SOME/IP protocol. I also do not know of a SOME/IP stack available for a HTML/JS environment. The latter would be a necessary precondition to build the former.

There is some tooling using the WAMP protocol, though. The runtime is based on and so called autobahn-bindings. WAMP is based on WebSockets. You can find the project here: . Pls be aware that this tooling (and the corresponding runtime) is not in production state, not every Franca IDL feature is supported yet.

Using capicxx-wamp, you could set up the following architecture:
- the server side provides two implementations for each logical interface, one for the SOME/IP C++ clients and one for the WAMP/JS clients
- for the C++ clients, you use the tooling you already experimented with
- for the HTML/JS clients, you use the tooling from capicxx-wamp-tools

On the capicxx-wamp-tools page, you'll find a link to one of my presentations, which gives a little more explanations.

Hope this helps, regards,
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