resolvable URIs and inverse roles

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May 25, 2017, 10:16:37 AM5/25/17
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I have a knowledge base of frame instances, where the frames are represented using the Framebase scheme and the frame elements are filled with DBpedia resources. It is an RDF triplestore with triples of the kind*:

<frameinstance123> a fbframe:Driving .
<frameinstance123> fbfe:Driver dbr:Person .

Using the prefixes for Framebase. suggested on this page:

I see, however, that the URIs do not resolve to anything, so I cannot check whether I am using the correct names for frames and frame elements, and in general I feel uncomfortable to include such URIs in my KB for publication. Am I missing something, or are there plans to have FB URIs that resolve in the future?

Also, I would like to define inverse role properties, that is, triples such as:

<frameinstance123> e fbframe:Cutting .
<frameinstance123> fbfe:Instrument dbr:Knife .
dbr:Knife fbfe:InstrumentOf <frameinstance123> .

The last triple is the important one. Is something like this contamplated in the Framebase scheme?


* more details in this paper:

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