Why LIGO's Gravitational Waves Stopped Having Electromagnetic Counterparts

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Jan 1, 2022, 6:38:12 AMJan 1
"On 8:41 am EDT August 17, 2017, LIGO detected a new gravitational wave source, dubbed GW170817 to mark its discovery date. Just two seconds later NASA's Fermi satellite detected a weak pulse of gamma rays from the same location of the sky." https://www.si.edu/newsdesk/releases/astronomers-see-light-show-associated-gravitational-waves

Gamma rays are gravitationally deflected or blocked by cosmic matter. Gravitational waves are not, Einsteinians teach. Therefore, gamma rays and gravitational waves CANNOT arrive "from the same location of the sky", just two seconds apart. LIGO's "discoveries" are clearly faked.

Now LIGO fakers face an insoluble dilemma:

If "the same location" is reconfirmed in another "discovery", LIGO fakers will have to explain why gravitational waves undergo exactly the same gravitational deflection as the electromagnetic counterpart. Hopeless business.

If "the same location" is abandoned and gravitational waves and the electromagnetic counterpart start coming from different directions, LIGO fakers will have to explain how "the same location" occurred in 2017. Hopeless business again.

So the rallying cry among LIGO fakers is "No electromagnetic counterparts anymore":

"You might wonder why we haven’t seen knockout detections of electromagnetic radiation accompanying gravitational waves since the August 2017 discovery. Unfortunately, we probably just got lucky that time. “It was nearby, well-localized in space, and had everything going for it,” Berger said." https://gizmodo.com/mystery-deepens-around-newly-detected-ripples-in-space-1837581646

"The first binary neutron star to be discovered in GWs, GW170817, came with a bright electromagnetic counterpart...Unfortunately most binary mergers, and in particular binary black hole (BBH) mergers, do not have associated electromagnetic counterparts." https://www.ligo.org/science/Publication-O3Cosmology/

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Pentcho Valev


Jan 1, 2022, 12:01:50 PMJan 1
The Nobel Committee promptly gave the money to LIGO godfathers although the fatal noise correlation had just become a sensation:

"Was It All Just Noise? Independent Analysis Casts Doubt On LIGO's Detections" https://forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/06/16/was-it-all-just-noise-independent-analysis-casts-doubt-on-ligos-detections/



Clearly the Nobel Prize is totally corrupt - should be abolished.


More here: https://twitter.com/pentcho_valev

Pentcho Valev
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