The Einstein Cult Inadvertently Disproves Relativity

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Feb 27, 2022, 12:24:54 PMFeb 27
The Albert Einstein Institute "Here is an animation of the receiver moving towards the source:

By observing the two indicator lights, you can see for yourself that, once more, there is a blue-shift - the pulse frequency measured at the receiver is somewhat higher than the frequency with which the pulses are sent out. This time, the distances between subsequent pulses are not affected, but still there is a frequency shift."

The key phrase in the above quotation is "the distances between subsequent pulses are not affected". This means that the frequency and the speed of light vary proportionally for the receiver/observer, in accordance with the formula

(frequency) = (speed of light)/(distance between subsequent pulses)

In other words, the frequency shift entails a proportional speed-of-light shift.

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Pentcho Valev

Feb 28, 2022, 6:36:56 AMFeb 28
Einstein's relativity is based on an assumption which is too idiotic, even by the standards of the Einstein cult. For that reason Einsteinians never state it openly. Here is the idiotic assumption:

As the observer starts moving towards the light source with speed v, his motion somehow affects the distance between subsequent light pulses - this distance shifts from d to d'=dc/(c+v).

If the distance between subsequent pulses does not shift from d to d'=dc/(c+v) and remains constant, which is more than obvious, frequency and speed of light vary proportionally for the moving observer and Einstein's relativity collapses.

Einsteinians deal with the problem in different ways. In most cases the scenario (stationary light source, moving observer) is not discussed at all - only (moving source, stationary observer) is discussed. Surprisingly many Einsteinians teach the truth: distance between subsequent pulses (wavelength) remains constant while frequency and speed of light vary proportionally for the moving observer. The only precautionary measure is to leave the variation of the speed of light implicit - the brainwashed scientific community would never make it explicit.

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Pentcho Valev
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