The Schizophrenia of Einstein's Twin Paradox

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Sep 9, 2021, 8:28:42 AM9/9/21
Pirooz Mohazzabi, Qinghua Luo, Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA: "Despite many attempts that have been made to resolve the twin paradox, none of them have been successful."

Theoretical physicists: "Who cares?"

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Pentcho Valev

Sep 10, 2021, 9:59:59 AM9/10/21
The moving clock is slow, the stationary one is fast (ASYMMETRIC time dilation):

This is non sequitur (doesn't follow from Einstein's 1905 postulates), but it implies TIME TRAVEL INTO THE FUTURE - the miracle (idiocy) that converted Einstein into a deity:

Thibault Damour: "The paradigm of the special relativistic upheaval of the usual concept of time is the twin paradox. Let us emphasize that this striking example of time dilation proves that time travel (towards the future) is possible. As a gedanken experiment (if we neglect practicalities such as the technology needed for reaching velocities comparable to the velocity of light, the cost of the fuel and the capacity of the traveller to sustain high accelerations), it shows that a sentient being can jump, "within a minute" (of his experienced time) arbitrarily far in the future, say sixty million years ahead, and see, and be part of, what (will) happen then on Earth. This is a clear way of realizing that the future "already exists" (as we can experience it "in a minute")."

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Pentcho Valev
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