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Serato Sample V1.2.0 CE-V.R

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Emerald Summerford

Nov 27, 2023, 5:40:10 PM11/27/23
What's new in Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R?
Serato Sample is a powerful and intuitive sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. It comes with the world-famous Pitch ’n Time algorithm built-in, giving you the best time-stretching quality on the market.

The latest version of Serato Sample, v1.2.0 CE-V.R, was released on February 16, 2020 by TEAM V.R. It brings some new features and improvements to the plugin, such as:

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R
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The ability to set up to 32 pads for more creative possibilities.
The ability for cues to respect host velocity for more dynamic expression.
Updated login with easy computer activation: Login to activate, Log Out to deactivate.
Fixed various issues with UI, waveform display, pitch accuracy, sample loading and activation.

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, and supports VSTi format. It works with popular DAWs such as Logic Pro, Maschine and Ableton Live. You can download it from Serato's official website or from AUDiOTOOLS.

If you are looking for a versatile and easy-to-use sampler plugin that can handle any sample with high-quality results, Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is a great choice for you.

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is designed to make sampling easy and fun. You can load any audio file into the plugin and it will automatically find 16 of the best samples to work with. You can also manually set your own cue points and adjust the key, bpm, level and filter of each pad. You can play one sample across the full piano scale like a synth, or trigger your cue points with monophonic or polyphonic playback. You can also use Serato DJ's popular cue point workflow to quickly set and trigger pads.

One of the most impressive features of Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is the unrivalled time-stretching powered by Pitch ’n Time. You can time-stretch samples to extreme values using the power of Serato Pitch ’n Time, without losing quality or introducing artifacts. You can also sync samples to your project tempo with ease. Pitch ’n Time also allows you to find the key and then shift it with accuracy and clarity. You can change samples beyond recognition and create unique sounds with Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R.

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is not only a powerful sampler plugin, but also a creative tool that can inspire you to make new music. You can use it to chop up vocals, drums, melodies, loops and more, and turn them into fresh beats and tracks. You can also process each cue individually and route each cue's output to separate channels in your DAW for further mixing and processing. Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R gives you endless possibilities to manipulate samples and create original music.

If you are a fan of Serato DJ, you will love Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R. It integrates seamlessly with Serato DJ's cue point workflow and allows you to use your DJ skills to produce music. You can use your Serato DJ hardware to control Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R and perform live with your samples. You can also use Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R with Serato Studio, Serato's beat making software, and create beats faster and easier.

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is not only for Serato users, though. It is compatible with any DAW that supports VSTi format, such as Logic Pro, Maschine and Ableton Live. You can use Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R with any audio file and any genre of music. Whether you are making hip hop, EDM, pop, rock or anything else, Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R can help you find and chop the perfect samples for your project.

Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is a sampler plugin that combines simplicity and power. It is easy to use and intuitive, but also offers advanced features and high-quality results. It is a plugin that can enhance your creativity and productivity, and make sampling fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a sampler plugin that can do it all, Serato Sample v1.2.0 CE-V.R is the one for you.

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