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Macos High Sierra App Store Link

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Enrichetta Puccetti

Dec 5, 2023, 12:00:19 AM12/5/23
I showed you how to download the macOS installer through the Mojave Mac App store. The thing is, a better way to download the full installer exists and is called I was going to explain how to use here but now realize the topic deserves a full article. I did not even get into hardware specific (Forked) builds. As you can see we have a lot to go over, so stay tuned. I will put the link here when complete.

To do this, you need to be on an existing macOS system. I was unable to find the download within the App Store itself, but following this link opened the App Store at the correct page: -high-sierra/id1246284741?mt=12

Macos High Sierra App Store Link
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i just had harddrive crash on my imac mid 2011. installed new SSD-harddrive. to update to high sierra, you have to press and hold cmd+alt+r when booting up. This is starting Internet Recovery and you will be able to update to High Sierra, as it is the latest version compatible with our old macs.

You will not find El Capitan download link available on the regular app store so you will have to go to the following link on the official apple website and then scroll down to step 4 and download El Capitan.

Getting the same issue with saving of existing .ai files.
It will save fine without a message and I will only have to move one thing in the document, try to save it again and i will get the popup: "this file has been modified outside illustrator" the next minute. I save to a dropbox folder and the problem started after upgrading to high sierra (OSX 10.13)
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