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Rocket Chat Manually Approve User Accounts

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Enrichetta Puccetti

Dec 6, 2023, 8:32:24 AM12/6/23
We have a running instance with >100 users, but i am struggling to set-up automated signup. It should be closed community, so registrations should either be a) approved manually (works perfectly) OR b) done through a secret magic link and then automatically be approved (does not work).
However, I find the documentation a bit slim on this point.
Would it work as desired after an upgrade? Can users that use this secret link automatically be approved as desired or would this rather move the currently public registration form (that requires manual approval) to a secret URL (still requiring manual approval).
Rocket Chat Manually Approve User Accounts
Have users go to the IP address, and create an account. From there, they can join a channel. Alternatively instruct users to install the chat client (via snap). There are also versions available for other platforms.
External login services typically require registering and configuringyour application before use. The easiest way to do this is with theaccounts-ui package which presents a step-by-step guideto configuring each service. However, the data can be also be enteredmanually in the ServiceConfiguration.configurations collection, whichis exported by the service-configuration package.
I finally got rocketchat to work but any of the email functions don't work. For example when I put in an email address to invite a user it never does anything (no messages). When I sent out a test email using the mailer in settings it says "the emails are being sent" but the emails never arrive.
Do we need to wait for the docker to be updated, or is there a way to update rocket chat to the latest version? I just installed the other day (version 3.7.0) and today I've got a message telling me that 3.7.1 is available.
But I still got some problems here. The biggest one: Rocket.Chat isn't able to connect to the Rocket Chat Cloud. I set up an account and had to register it manually - the link for the online registration with my Rocket Cloud account didn't work. When I want to connect to the cloud services and click on "the sign in button within my Rocket Chat server, I am redirected to a uri to login which returns this error:
I logged into and removed the server from my workspaces. I also registered that I had some kind of dummy second workspace called Your Workspace registered. I deleted this one, too. In a second step, I was able to register again - with the online token. I was directed to the correct URI and was able to login with my credentials. Another error message appeared:
Rocket Chat requires MongoDB as its database to store its configuration and data and if you would like to view their official installation guide for multiple ways of deploying rocket chat, you can visit this link.
If you used Traefik, you should be able to access RocketChat on where you will be able to register your admin account. Make sure to follow the administration documentation to setup your server to the way you desire. The important settings I used, was to manual approve new registrations, configured SMTP settings for 2FA and modify the permissions of user roles.
Long requested, and now finally here. You can assign moderator privileges to yourself, and any of your chat members and they will have the ability to remove chat messages and ban users directly from the chat, without having to go into the Admin.
... - In addition to my above reply, I did go manually verify the emails of several users believing that they would then be mapped to the correct organization and they did not map correctly even after 10 days.
By default, the Custom property (key/value) field will include the values: enable_user and true. This enables new users to sign in as soon as registration is complete. If new users should be manually reviewed and approved, set this value to false.
We narrowed down our ranking by only considering apps that sync transactions from users' bank accounts, come with low (or no) cost to sign up, are easy to use and can be accessed on multiple devices so are accessible and compatible for most.
A reactivated user will have the same role, stream subscriptions, user groupmemberships, and other settings and permissions as they did prior todeactivation. They will also have the same API key and bot API keys, but theirbots will be deactivated until the user manuallyreactivates them again.
Once parental consent or authorization is granted, the child's account is treated much like any other account. The child can access communication services, like Outlook and Skype, and can freely communicate and share data with other users of all ages. Learn more about parental consent and Microsoft child accounts.
Captioning. Certain Skype features include accessibility functionality such as captioning. During Skype calls, a call participant can activate a voice-to-text feature, which allows the user to view the audio chat as text. If a user activates this feature, other call participants will not receive a notification. Microsoft uses this voice and text data to provide captioning of audio for users.
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