virtualenv and symlink issue

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Nov 21, 2018, 6:03:53 AM11/21/18
to fpm-users

I have a problem with lib64 symlink, when I try to generate a virtualenv from an rpm.
This is the command I am using:

fpm -s virtualenv -t rpm --prefix=/mydir/myvenv -n myvenv.0.1 --verbose /myotherdir/mypackage

"mypackage" is a python package with my file.
When I install the rpm, it correctly generates the virtualenv named "myvenv", with correct packages inside.

The problem is that inside my virtualenv there is a symlink lib64 that should be a symlink to the lib folder (in the same directory), but insteat it wrongly points to the tmp directory package:


should be:

From debug, here it is copying source to the wrong destination:

Copying path {:source=>"./mydir/myvenv/lib64", :destination=>"/mydir/package-dir-staging-5e0931380a2a09ecf37bb15d625c37f5b40784992f18a5e2317f99155b37/./mydir/myvenv/lib64", :level=>:debug, :file=>"fpm/package/dir.rb", :line=>"167", :method=>"copy", "method"=>"input"}
Copying symlinked directory {:source=>"./mydir/myvenv/lib64", :destination=>"/mydir/package-dir-staging-5e0931380a2a09ecf37bb15d625c37f5b40784992f18a5e2317f99155b37/./mydir/myvenv/lib64", :level=>:debug, :file=>"fpm/package/dir.rb", :line=>"193", :method=>"copy", "method"=>"input"}

Am I doing something wrong with the fpm command or is it a code bug?
I am using fpm 1.10.2

Thank you
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