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Jul 23, 2018, 9:30:34 AM7/23/18
to fplll-devel
I try to do the equvilent of the call:
fplll input/svpc-e1-d50.txt -a bkz -b 30 -d 0.999 -v

within a C++ application. Here is the relevant code fragment (w/o error handling):

fplll::ZZ_mat<mpz_t> B;
basestream.open("input/svpc-e1-d50.txt ", ios_base::in);
basestream >> B;
vector< Strategy > strategies;
BKZParam param(30, strategies, 0.999, BKZ_VERBOSE );
bkz_reduction(&B, NULL, param);

but the console-output and the output basis differ. For example, the last lines of output:
End of BKZ loop   20, time =     0.437s, r_0 = 3.54e6, slope = -0.053627, log2(nodes) = 23.454162
End of BKZ: success

End of BKZ loop    0, time =     0.000s, r_0 = 6.20e6, slope = -0.078514, log2(nodes) =      -inf
End of BKZ: success

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Martin R. Albrecht

Jul 24, 2018, 5:09:05 PM7/24/18
to Fplll-Devel
Hi there,

Mhh, it looks your implementation does nothing:

> End of BKZ loop 0, time = 0.000s, r_0 = 6.20e6, slope = -0.078514,
> log2(nodes) = -inf
> End of BKZ: success

But it’s not clear to me immediately why. Maybe you can send the full program to the list including your txt file so it’s reproducible?


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