Release candidate: fping 4.0-rc3

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David Schweikert

Feb 17, 2017, 4:05:56 AM2/17/17

I have just released fping 4.0-rc3

Please help me test it:

Since 4.0-rc1, the following has changed:

* INCOMPATIBILE CHANGE: discard late packets

fping will now discard replies, if they arrive after the defined timeout
for reply packets, specified with -t. This change is relevant only for the
counting and looping modes, where the measured times should now be more
consistent (see github issue #32 for details).

To prevent loosing reply packets because of this change, the default
timeout in counting and looping modes is now automatically adjusted to the
period interval (up to 2000 ms), but it can be overriden with the -t
option. The default timeout for non-looping/counting modes remains 500 ms.

* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: no restrictions by default

fping will not enforce that -i is >= 1 and -p >= 10 anymore, except if
you ./configure with the new '--enable-safe-limits' parameter.

The reasoning to removing the restrictions by default, is that users can
clog the network with other tools anyway, and these restrictions are
sometimes getting in the way (for example if you try to ping a lot of

* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: default interval (-i) changed from 25ms to 10ms

The default minimum interval between ping probes has been changed from
25ms to 10ms. The reason is that 25ms is very high, considering today's
fast networks: it generates at most 31 kbps of traffic (for IPv4 and
default payload size).

The full changelog is here:

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