Updating list of targets to ping while looping indefinitely?

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Alexandre Vermeerbergen

Sep 3, 2017, 2:11:24 AM9/3/17
to fping-users

I would like to use fping with a list of targets as a daemon, i.e., letting it loop indefinitely.

However, from time to time I know that there will be changes to the targets list.

I know I could kill & restart fping with the updated list, but before I try this "ugly way", isn't there a possibility to dynamically changes the targets list?

Is the targets file given by -f, --file option re-read after it's changed ?

Best regards,
Alexandre Vermeerbergen

David Schweikert

Sep 4, 2017, 3:41:53 AM9/4/17
to Alexandre Vermeerbergen, fping-users
Hi Alexandre,

Personally I find the "indefinite loop" idea a bit of an anti-pattern. What is very commonly done is that you start fping for each ping cycle. If you want to do a measurement every 10 seconds, for example (which might involve doing 20 pings to thousands of hosts), then you should start fping every 10 seconds. From a performance-point of view, it shouldn't matter, and from a behavior/configuration management point of view, it is much easier.


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