Next meeting on Wdenesday March 27th

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Erik de Castro Lopo

Mar 23, 2019, 5:24:48 PM3/23/19
Hi all,

The next meeting will be help on Wednesday February 27th.

This month we have two talks:

Rob Howard : JavaScript and FP

John Ky : Parsing JSON with SIMD in Haskell (and C)

Abstracts below.

The RSVP is here:

Doors open at 6pm, meeting proper starts at 6:30.

Everybody who intends to show up on the night shoud RSVP ASAP to allow our
hosts Atlassian to sort out the catering. People who said they were
going but now find that they can't should likewise update their status.


JavaScript and FP
A technical and social retrospective on the ways in which JS helps and
hinders you achieving the goals of Functional Programming.

Parsing with JSON with SIMD in Haskell (and C)
In a previous talk *Lazy JSON in Haskell*, we explored how to use *Succinct
Data Structures* to parse only parts of the JSON file we are interested in
as a way to reduce memory usage and improve performance when parsing. This
involved building a semi-index and using cursors and lazy evaluation to
navigate the document.

This talk will pick up where we left off and explore how to build the
semi-index with SIMD instructions for even better performance and share
experiences of the challenges of writing this kind of code in a mix of
Haskell and C.

For those interested in:

- reviewing some of the concepts in the previous talk which will not be
covered, see Semi-Indexing Semi-Structured Data in Tiny Space
- and those interested in reading up on the paper behind this talk, see
Gabriel's Zurihac talk Fast and parallel state machines
<> and the paper Data-Parallel
Finite-State Machines

Erik de Castro Lopo

Erik de Castro Lopo

Mar 23, 2019, 5:29:58 PM3/23/19
Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> The next meeting will be help on Wednesday February 27th.

That should be March obviously.

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