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Ivan Vodišek

Jul 23, 2012, 2:46:30 PM7/23/12
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I think that closed projects are doomed to be replaced one day by projects that retain objectivity in providing a good service that is adjusted by the whole community, not just by project head-master. But, closed solutions are currently winning the fight (i.e. take a look at ration of linux/win commitments). Closed solutions providers are not so weak fighters as they are well organized, but for my taste they are maybe too much strong hierarchy oriented and there can be seen a need for some world wide change.

A chance:
- cloud web app world is still in its infancy with its chaotic standards for interface and programming libraries. Here might be a chance for more serious try to gather open source oriented crews before some worst-case-scenario whose mild form is happening right now: "SomeGlobalCorporateNet inc." lays down its roots with seductive pseudo-perfect solutions while chasing wrong idols. Connecting different open source crews would raise up their overall strength so they could be concurrent to classic today's commercial groups. At least we could have fun while trying to promote anti-conservative spirit.

Another chance:
- from opportunity arised from lack of cloud standards, we can even try to complement global "occupy" flame in the same time while trying to connect open source inspired crews. It turns out that organization structure of every workgroup could be by in open source manner exposed to public, thus giving itself a chance to get constantly improved by creative individuals and survive for a longer time. I don't even have to mention a positive working environment spirit that would promote workgroups which would be completely opened to creative improvements proposed by individuals. The experiment could be tried in parallel with other valuable attempts to make a difference to the world.

Here is one of attempts to put things right:
  • Free Nation is an initiative to gather up over web to form a perfect working community. It is a try to elevate human aspects of business relationships between each member or workgroup.

    The current stage of the project is to form starting strategy. Creative help is needed.
    If U're interested, take a look at
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