Linking the MySQL Database to the server

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Feb 20, 2021, 1:18:33 PMFeb 20
to fosstrak
I am new to fosstrak, I have installed all the modules except the TDT engine follwing the user guides. The tags being read on the fc-client don't seem to getting stored on the database. I'm running the example given in the capture application quick start guide.In the fc-client I've subscribed to two urls. One is for the capturing app and the other with event sink is for me to debug. According to the guide the tags should be reflected in the event_ObjectEvent table of the database. I've tried changing the port number in the
Also while setting up the epcis repository I didn't find the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/epcis-repository-<version>.xml file. When I went ahead and created one myself,  http://localhost:8080/epcis-repository-<version>/capture wasn't working. So I deleted the file and searched for answers to configure the JDBC connector. Most of them said to add the same lines to context.xml along with adding extra few lines to web.xml. This also didn't work.

 The capture client and the query client seem to be working fine.

Could any of you guys please guide me though this ? Appreciate the help.

Feb 22, 2021, 6:56:37 AMFeb 22
to fosstrak
I vaguely remember some similar problem when I was first playing with Fosstrak.

Just to check...
- do you have MySQL installed? what version?
- do you have Tomcat installed? what version?
- do you have the MySQL Connector/J jar in $TOMCAT_HOME/lib ? what version?
- what version of Fosstrak repository are you using?
- do you have MySQL running on port 3306 (default)?
- do you have a database named "epcis", with user epcis/epcis granted insert/update/delete permissions?
- have you run the epcis_schema.sql to create the tables?

I assume you've done all that, but good to be sure:-)

If all that's done & OK, and both MySQL and Tomcat are running, what do you get if you go to  http://localhost:8080/epcis-repository-<version>/query?wsdl ?

Is there anything indicating errors/malfunctions in your $TOMCAT_HOME/log files?
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