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Dave Burbridge

Jan 7, 2019, 7:31:45 AM1/7/19
to fosstrak
I've finally solved (I think!) the problem, and created a pull request, Marco.

At root was a bean declared in applicationContext.xml  ( org.apache.cxf.transport.local.LocalTransportFactory ), which then prevented SOAP transport from working. I don't know why this bean was being created - commenting it out doesn't seem to affect behaviour adversely! Maybe someone else can enlighten me.

Anyway, I've now been able to update epcis-repository to used CXF 3.2.7, Spring 5.1.3.RELEASE and Hibernate 5.4.0.Final, and it all compiles and runs under JDK8.

I've also addressed moving to JDK11: this requires the use of CXF 3.3.0 or greater, but this is not yet officially released, so only a snapshot is available. I've therefore included it as a snapshot for now (only used when compiling under JDK11 - under JDK8 CXF 3.2.7 is still used).

I've found no major problems with either the JDK8 or the JDK11 versions of epcis-repository.

I've also fixed some of the hints & warnings the compiler/errorprone throws up, though by no means all.

One of the main outstanding issues at present is the use of the org.hibernate.Criteria API which is deprecated, and generates many warnings in the logfile...! This will need to be switched to the javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaQuery API, but from a brief read around it appears not to be a trivial matter.

There is also the StaticContentServlet which hasn't been working for some time (not just recent edits) but I'm not sure what the problem is. However, it doesn't affect operation.

Hopefully there are still some people interested in this after all this time:-)

(As mentioned before, the epcis webadapter project is another kettle of fish altogether, and really would have to be redesigned from scratch.)
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