FOSSASIA Current Activities and Team Up in the Codeheat Coding Contest

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Mario Behling

Oct 1, 2020, 6:16:53 AM10/1/20

below a few updates about activities in FOSSASIA.

All the best,


Dear Friend of FOSSASIA,

The FOSSASIA Summit 2020 in March already feels like an eternity away. With support from many contributors and sponsors we were able to pull off the event despite all the challenges. Thank you!

It has been impossible for FOSS contributors and Open Source companies since to organize in-person events, meet developers or collaborate on projects face to face.

There is not just a pandemic crisis happening right now, we see a violent political crisis in many regions of the world and also the climate crisis continues to affect people everywhere. These crises show more than ever that - just like in the FOSS community - we need everyone to collaborate on a global scale and to solve problems together with an open on all layers approach.

Please find below some information on solutions we are working on at FOSSASIA and how we can team up in the Codeheat coding contest.

All the best, stay safe and healthy,



Codeheat Coding Contest

Current Activities at FOSSASIA

Let's make Virtual Events Use Only FOSS/Open Source!

Currently we are integrating our hosted open source event solution with online video tools such as Jitsi or Big Blue Button. Right now many organizers depend on proprietary tools to run virtual events. Let's change that. Check out the latest features of Open Event on, have a look at some of the upcoming events like the Nextcloud Conference 2020 and sign up!

Let's Develop Together and Share our Knowledge in Codeheat

We are running more and more activities online and we are adapting our annual coding contest Codeheat. We support participants by providing "Ask Me Anything" online support sessions, giving out more prizes every two months and extending the overall time of the contest until June 2021. Please join now at or contact us if your company would like to sponsor the program.

Let's Make Science Truly Open Again with Pocket Science Lab

At FOSSASIA we believe it is only possible to solve our global issues by giving everyone access to open knowledge and tools. For this reason we are working on the miniaturization of science tools by developing the open hardware Pocket Science Lab.

Our goal is to create a science measurement device that is easy to handle, easy to transport, and easy to use. And of course it must fulfill the promise of science to provide every aspect of science openly starting with the hardware and software that collects data.

The PSLab can be connected to a smartphone and extend its capabilities. It enables everyone to collect data through sensors, control robots and to exchange data easily. Currently we are in the final steps of prototyping the next version which will come with an SD Card, on board real time clock, optional WiFi, Bluetooth, or Lora extensions, sleeping mode for datalogging and much more.

To learn more please download and test the project and start contributing to the repositories. Our weekly open hardware meetings take place every Saturday. You can sign up for the next meeting here.

FOSSASIA 2016 Singapore Science Center


March 2021

Online from


* The FOSSASIA Summit 2021 will take place from March 13 - 20 as a mixed virtual and distributed in-person event. Details will be announced soon!


Upcoming Events

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) October 8, 2020

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything",  (Virtual Event) November 5, 2020

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything",  (Virtual Event) December 9, 2020

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) January 7, 2021

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) February 11, 2021

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) March 4, 2021

FOSSASIA Summit, Online from Singapore, March 13-20, 2021

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) April 8, 2021

Codeheat "Ask Me Anything", (Virtual Event) May 6, 2021

OpenTechSummit Europe, Online from Berlin, May 12-16, 2021


More info on FOSSASIA at the Website

Read about our activities on the FOSSASIA Blog.

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