FormScanner won't scan JPEG-Files above 300dpi

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Apr 26, 2019, 8:56:15 AM4/26/19
to FormScanner
Hey Folks,

I have a few Problems with the JPEG-files i want to use.
I tried both 400 and 600dpi and FormScanner will load them, but when start the scan nothing happens and i can't save a .csv-file. 
If i do the same with only 300dpi FormScanner will scan the file, but the resolution is too low to get the "bubble-recognition" working.

Have you had similar problems or does somebody have an idea how to fix my problem?
Thank you in advance! 


P.S.: I created the template from a 150dpi JPEG in case this is important.

Red Noise

Jul 27, 2019, 8:18:12 AM7/27/19
to FormScanner
Hi Mari
you got to ask why you would need 600dpi, thats print quality.
Form scanner operates on a simple black or white rule, e.g. so if its black, then its a yes  
I scan everything at 200dpi black and white, this should give you an A4 page at 1654 x 2338px
I ensure that there is nothing between the template corner markers, no writing no overspill.
create your FS template from a scanned sheet, not the sheet you made before.

scanning at higher dpi will just produce a really big file, it wont change whats on your sheet.
I know its a long time to get a reply but .. hope it helps
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