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This is the user support mailing list for and the software behind it. A perfect request for help looks like this:

- read through the relevant documentation, which is divided into the docs on the website and our user-editable Wiki
- if you're having R trouble, you've tried out the problematic part of your study using the "Test run" button and the magnifying glass button to show debugging messages
- search this mailing list for previous questions along the same lines
- if it's a new problem, you clearly explain

1. what you're trying to do and how, e.g.
I'm trying to make a pause unit that randomly lasts between 5 and 30 minutes. 
I attached a minimal JSON file based on the study I built which contains only the pause that I'm trying to use.


I'm trying to design a feedback graph, but it's turning out too big. Here's a screenshot and the downloaded Rmd file
from the magnifying glass debugger.

2. and what happens instead
The pause expires immediately, not after 5-30 minutes. I tried writing instead, but I get an error message
[fully quote the error message or paste a screenshot]

After (hopefully) getting a useful response, we would greatly appreciate if you

- respond back that this solved your problem (or not)
- if asked, turn your problem into a contribution to our user wiki as a How To or FAQ.