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Miguel Pérez Colino

Aug 10, 2021, 12:49:56 PM8/10/21
to, Fabien Dupont, Ramon Roman Nissen, James Labocki
Hi all,

Working on an end-to-end demo for Konveyor, in the VM migration part after using Forklift, I wanted to explore the benefits of Kubernetes for the virtual machine.

The Vm has an Oracle-XE Database installed and I thought about being able to attach a "ConfigMap" to it and use it to change the configuration of the Vm and also the Database.

I thought that it could be done by running a script coming from the ConfigMap so I could create a service to mount it and run it.

RPMs and repo available, so it installs clenaly on RHEL:

I considered using cloud-init to consume it but I found some issues.
  • Cloud-init configures things like users, hostname and networking, it cannot be run after the database is started
  • Cloud-init could have another configuration source that could be confusing to consume the ConfigMap
  • ConfigMap service can be assigned with a dependency to the main service we want to re-configure in the VM so we are sure things like changing tables o pre-loading data are doable and repeatable.
 I'd like to propose including this mini-project as part of Konveyor :-)
Please let me know your thoughts


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Miguel Pérez Colino

Aug 12, 2021, 8:50:04 AM8/12/21
to, Fabien Dupont, Ramon Roman Nissen, James Labocki,, Brett Thurber

Adding +cnv-leads as per Brett Thurber suggestion, to know if there is anything like this already available to mount and parse a ConfigMap attached to a VM.

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