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Miguel Pérez Colino

May 31, 2021, 11:29:34 AM5/31/21
to Vishal Anand,, Michele Nicosia, Fabien Dupont, Julio Villarreal Pelegrino, Andrew Sullivan, Peter Lauterbach, Fabian Deutsch, Ranjan Roy1, Subho Bandopadhay, Nidhi Bansal1
Hi Vishal, hi everyone,

As per your response, I'm moving this conversation to +forklift-dev group for further reach.
Comments inline ...

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 3:20 PM Vishal Anand <> wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

As promised to get this out asap.

As discussed last week:

Optimization of the source disk size as part of importing on OCP - this will help us saving storage costs as most of the legacy has massive allocated sizes which are under utilized.

Included in the June planning deck for discussion.
Golden image - container images of standard operating systems e.g. container image for Windows 2012 R2 which everyone can use. This will also enable efficient GitOps.

I see this as a good proposal. I will review with users. Adding a note in June planning discussion. 

Good news from 26/05:

Miguel spent 1.5 hours with us yesterday and helped us making Konveyor (upstream) work on OCP 4.6. Thanks to Miguel. We will do the same with supported MTV on OCP 4.7.

Blog from yesterday's work:

Thanks for the blog post!. Nice read. I wish many others in the migration space would read it.
I retweeted your tweet and suggest that others do that too:

Adding +Michelle Nicosia for awareness.

Other thoughts:

Konveyor does not give us option to customize cpu and memory as auto-import used to give us that option. This may limit our capability to optimize infra resources while rehosting. Is there an option ?

+Fabien Dupont for awareness
Currently the option is not there. 

Other operating systems rehosting template  support on OpenShift Virtualization e.g. Ubuntu, CentOS etc. fails importing - any suggestions ?

Please wait for the release of Forklift 2.0 and MTV 2.0 and try again.
You may want to open an issue in (expected for June 7th ... but we already had issues with our build infra so, be patient)  

Also, if you want to take over some issues and submit Pull Requests ... you will be more than welcomed! 😁

Support of RHEL (7,8,9) and Windows (2012R2, 16, 19, 10) is good but limits our capability to rehost other OS / VMs running on the source legacy side - any suggestions ?

We can keep working on that. Feel free to open another thread, in forklift-dev, to discuss the details.
How about having Analysis toolkit (call it ATV) - this should gives us some view on MTV UI on the source allocation vs utlization vs to-be allocated ?

Is ATV an existing tool? 
If so, is it open-source or can it become open-source? Could we review it? 

Warm regards !

Best regards, 

Vishal Anand,


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