[REQ] please add support for wildcards for subdomains, TLD, and http(s)

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Todd Applegate

Mar 13, 2024, 12:51:08 PMMar 13
to forecastfox-users

With my homelab setup, I commonly add subdomains to my domain. Whenever I add a new one, I have to go in and add an explicit entry for that domain to hide the forecast bar on that particular subdomain. This is where a wildcard for subdomains would come in handy where one can just specify *.domain.tld and it will hide for the entire domain.

This is where a wildcard of http*:// would also come in as I can hide for the subdomain while testing before I issue a certificate to enable SSL then the entry stays valid after I issue a cert.

Not sure if it is there already but a wildcard to specify for TLD in those uncommon occurrences where a domain has multiple TLDs available (com, net, org, etc.)

Thank you for the consideration.
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