Recommend A Flutter Resource Manager Tool: Flr(Flutter-R)

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Feb 22, 2020, 8:38:56 AM2/22/20
to Flutter Support

Hi, all:

Here recommends a Flutter Development Tool: Flr(Flutter-R) which is developed by the Fly-Mix Team from NetEase company.

Flr is a flutter resource manager tool, which can help flutter developer to auto specify assets in pubspec.yaml and generate r.g.dart file after he changes the flutter project assets. With r.g.dart, flutter developer can apply the asset in code by referencing it's asset ID function, such as:

import 'package:flutter_r_demo/r.g.dart';

// test_sameName.png
var normalImageWidget = Image(
  width: 200,
  height: 120,
  image: R.image.test_sameName(),

// test_sameName.gif
var gifImageWidget = Image(
  image: R.mage.test_sameName_gif(),

// test.svg
var svgImageWidget = Image(
  width: 100,
  height: 100,
  image: R.svg.test(width: 100, height: 100),

// test.json
var jsonString = await R.text.test_json();

// test.yaml
var yamlString = await R.text.test_yaml();

PS: yes, it is just like the AAPT(Android Asset Packaging Tool) in Android.

Up to now, Flr has supported Android Studio Plugin, CLI, and VSCode Extension:

  1. Flr Android Studio Plugin version

  2. Flr CLI version

  3. Flr VSCode Extension version

At last, hopefully this tool will help you improve the efficiency of flutter development. Enjoy~

PS: If you have any questions, please let us know on GitHub or email.
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