Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M41 Release

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Steve Messick

Nov 1, 2019, 4:46:43 PM11/1/19
to Flutter Development (flutter-dev)

Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M41 Release

Co-editing Flutter and Android Code, part 2

Using Android Studio, you can now create a Flutter module as a component of an Android app. This operation will do all the add-to-app linkage for you. This builds on the co-editing support added to Android Studio with the M40 release.

To get started, open your Android app in Android Studio. Then choose the menu item File > New > New Module… The New Module Wizard will open; you may need to scroll down to find the Flutter Module selection:

The remaining wizard pages are the same as the New Project Wizard. The only difference is the selection of where the module resides. It is always placed in the Android app directory. (If you want it to be located elsewhere you can create a new Flutter project using the module template and link it into the Android app using the existing Import Flutter Module option from the New Module wizard.)

Other UI Changes

Key bindings were cleaned up for reload and restart of Flutter apps. The ctrl-shift-S / ctrl-alt-S bindings were removed because they conflicted with other IntelliJ features. The backlash-based equivalents are still in place (as is the existing reload-on-save behavior).

Two quick assist actions were renamed for consistency with the other Flutter refactoring actions. “Center widget” is now “Wrap with Center” and “Add padding” is now “Wrap with Padding”.

Additionally, the experimental logging view has been disabled, and the Inspector view can now be visible even when no Flutter app is running; it will be empty, of course.

Bug Fixes

The change log has a list of bugs that were fixed in this release.

Android Studio Canary

This release does not support Android Development Studio 4.0 at all. We plan to add a dev channel that will support it soon, however.

Known Issues

Flutter modules that are created in Android apps lose their Dart enablement each time a Gradle sync happens. This is a problem for Android Studio 3.5.1 but works as it should in 3.6 beta.

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