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Danny Tuppeny

Aug 2, 2021, 12:45:07 PM8/2/21
to Flutter Dev
Hi all,

v3.25.0 of the VS Code extensions have been published. Release notes are below (and online).

Improved Dependency Management

  • #3306/#3474: Two new commands Dart: Add Dependency and Dart: Add Dev Dependency have been added to simplify adding new dependencies to your puspec.yaml. The commands will provide a type-to-filter list of packages periodically fetched from Pub.

The commands are also available from context menus and the title menu in the dependencies tree.

The commands can also be invoked as quick-fixes on unresolved import 'package:' statements.

#3500: Finally, direct and dev dependencies can be removed directly from the context menu in the dependencies tree.

Note: Some of these features rely on an update to the pub deps command so may not be visible until a future SDK update depending on your SDK channel.

Fix All Command

#3445/#3469: The “Fix All” command is now available for Dart files and can fix all of the same issues as dart fix for the current open file in one step.

This can also be set to run on-save by adding "source.fixAll" to the "editor.codeActionsOnSave" VS Code setting.

Note: This feature relies on changes in the Dart SDK so may not be visible until a future SDK update depending on your SDK channel. It is also only available when running in LSP mode (so you must not have set "dart.previewLsp": false in your VS Code settings).


  • #3498: The root widget of your Flutter app should no longer build multiple times on first startup when launching in debug mode from VS Code.
  • #3482: When using the variant parameter of testWidgets, you should no longer recieve “No tests match regular expression…” errors when trying to run using CodeLens (requires SDK update).
  • #3441@Semvrij contributed support for color previews in the editor for the css_colors package.
  • #3483@Semvrij contributed a fix for missing color previews when using an uppercase X in hex values for the Color constructor.
  • #3487: The “Toggle Platform” command has been replaced with “Override Platform” and now allow selecting the platform to emulate rather than only toggling between Android and iOS.
  • #3465: Flutter web apps should no longer sometimes start up showing just a white page.
  • #3454/#3463: Flutter apps should once again respond to changes in your system theme (when not overridden using the Flutter: Toggle Brightness command) rather than being locked to the theme applied when the debugger connected.
  • #3477: The DevTools inspector button on the debug toolbar should once again appear in debug mode.


  • #3442: Links to error documentation are now available from the Problems tag when using LSP.
  • #3124: Some settings like dart.lineLength now work at the workspace-folder level instead of only at the workspace level when using LSP (requires SDK update).
  • #542: “Convert getter to method” and “Convert method to getter” refactors are now available when using LSP (requires SDK update).
  • #2056: Syntax highlighting is now more reliably for interpolated strings that contain additional braces and quotes inside their expressions.


  • #3481@iChenLei migrated the extensions tests from the deprecated vscode-test NPM package to @vscode/test-electron.
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