Flutter DevTools 2.6.0 Release Notes

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Kenzie (Schmoll) Davisson

Sep 8, 2021, 1:29:13 PM9/8/21

Flutter DevTools 2.6.0 Release Notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools - A Suite of Performance Tools for Dart and Flutter

NOTE: This announcement contains features from DevTools releases 2.5.0 and 2.6.0. The latest DevTools, 2.6.0, is now available with the Flutter 2.5 stable release.

Inspector Updates

  • Added hover-evaluation support for widgets in the inspector. Hover over a widget to evaluate the object, view properties, widget state, etc.

  • Added a console with evaluation support to the inspector. When you select a widget in the inspector widget tree, the object you selected will automatically populate in the console below, where you can explore the object and its properties. When paused at a breakpoint, you can also evaluate expressions from this console.

  • Added descriptive icons and colors for widgets in the widget tree

  • Added text previews for text widgets

  • UX improvements to icons and coloring for visual debugging actions.

  • Added rich tooltips to visual debugging actions that provide a more detailed explanation of their functionality as well as a link to documentation to learn more.

Performance Updates

  • Rebuilt the Flutter Frames chart to be “live”, so that frames are populated in this chart as they are rendered in your app. Selecting a frame from this chart will navigate to, and possibly load, the timeline events for that frame.

You can manually refresh the timeline events in the timeline event chart by clicking the “Refresh timeline events” button:

  • Improve how we assign timeline events to Flutter frames - #3297

  • Bug fixes - #3285

CPU Profiler Updates

  • Support filtering for CPU profiles - #3236

  • Color CPU profile flame charts by category (App code, Native code, Dart core libraries, and Flutter Framework) - #3310, #3324

Debugger Updates

  • Add a scrollbar for horizontal scrolling of source files in the debugger #3262

  • Cleanup eval console UI - #3298

Network Profiler Updates

  • Show HTTP / HTTPS request body for POST requests - #3233

General Updates

  • Fix bug with links not opening from DevTools when embedded in VS Code - #3252

  • Fix a couple bugs with offline imports - #3296

  • Support custom font sizes better across all pages #3299, #3316


More details about changes and fixes are available in our changelog.

Kenzie (Schmoll) Davisson | Flutter DevExp | kenzie...@google.com
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