Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M51 Release

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Steve Messick

Oct 30, 2020, 2:03:26 PM10/30/20
to Flutter Public Announcements (flutter-announce)

Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M51 Release

Issues Addressed

Quite a few issues have been addressed in this release! The change log has the full list, but a few notable ones are:

  • We now correctly resume isolates at test startup (#4960, #4882, #4967). Users would have experienced this as tests not starting after they were run.

  • Fixed an issue with some unit tests not displaying their name properly. The test runner had changed the way it reported some test names and we needed to update our handler to recognize the new format.

Changes to Flutter Settings

The Preferences/Settings page for the Flutter plugin has been cleaned up a bit. The layout is a bit more compact and some very infrequently used items - like “Disable tracking widget creation locations in App Execution” - were removed.

AndroidX is Now Required for New Projects

The new project wizard had an option to generate a Flutter project without using AndroidX but ‘flutter create’ hasn’t recognized that option for a while (Flutter projects now always use AndroidX). We removed the setting from the new project wizards of both IntelliJ and Android Studio.

In a related move the ‘Make Host App Editable’ menu item was removed from the Tools > Flutter menu. It, too, had been unnecessary for a while.

Under the Hood

There were some large changes in the source code of both IntelliJ and Android Studio to prepare for API changes in the platforms. This included things like eliminating warnings and lints throughout and removing the use of deprecated methods.

Known Issues

There are three known issues when using this plugin with IntelliJ EAP:

  • For some new projects, the Flutter SDK is might not be configured correctly (#4911). The work-around is to open Flutter Settings (or on the Mac, Preferences) and set it in the Languages & Frameworks > Flutter preference page.

  • For some projects, the device selector menu may not populate properly (#4912). Sometimes closing and re-opening the project will fix it.

  • Using ‘Open Android module in Android Studio’ generates an error saying “Synchronous execution on EDT”. The function works and we’re working on a fix to keep the error from being generated. This also happens in 2020.2.

Note that the first two were both present in previous releases.

With Android Studio 4.1 the File > Project Structure menu item is missing. We believe this will be fixed when 4.1.1 is released. See the original issue for details.

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