Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M57 Release

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Steve Messick

Jun 1, 2021, 2:16:17 PM6/1/21
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Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M57 Release

Run Integration Tests

Integration tests are whole-app tests that run on a device. Integration tests live in the integration_test directory. They use the same testWidgets() functionality familiar from unit tests:

To run an integration test you need to do a few things:

  • Add a dependency on the integration_test package in your pubspec.yaml

  • Add one or more integration test files in the integration_test directory.

  • Add a run configuration that launches the integration tests.

  • Connect a device for the test to use

When the test runs you’ll see a big notification on the device that says “Test starting…” (but it disappears quickly). Then the device displays whatever the test driver causes it to.

Enable Embedded Browser for MacOS Big Sur

The embedded browser was previously unsupported for MacOS Big Sur; Big Sur is now supported and we are now enabling this feature by default for all Big Sur users. This feature can be turned off in Preferences > Flutter.

Update Live Templates for Null-safety

Our live templates (create stateful widget, create stateless widget, …) have now been updated to create null safe code - thanks to JuYeong0413 on github.com for the contribution!

The pull request on github includes some nice demos of the templates in action.


  • Attempting to single-step over an async call in the debugger always stepped into the call, which made debugging rather painful. #5449

  • Language packs were causing the run output to disappear. We had hard-coded “Console” and needed to change it to use the system property, which is language-dependent. #5086

  • Clarify that “Track Widget Rebuilds” requires Debug mode. #4499 Thanks, JuYeong0413!

  • Offer option to open DevTools Inspector in the normal browser for M1 Mac users, since the embedded browser is not yet supported. #5487

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