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Danny Tuppeny

Feb 1, 2022, 6:33:12 AM2/1/22
to flutter-...@googlegroups.com
Hi all,

New versions of the VS Code extensions for Dart/Flutter have been published. Release notes below (and online).

Testing Improvements

  • #3791: Tests in nested projects no longer run multiple times when using the Test: Run All Tests command (which often led to package resolution errors as they were running in the context of their parent projects).
  • #3776: Using the testGoldens function from the from golden_toolkit package will no longer cause issues when trying to run/view the results of tests in the tree. Tests may still appear duplicated in the tree if you are using a version of golden_toolkit that does not include this PR (the fix for that is to upgrade the golden_toolkit package).
  • #3803/#3705: It’s now possible to override the launch configuration used when running/debugging tests from the test runner. See the Debugger section below for an example.


  • #3759: Clickable paths in stack traces in the Debug Console now jump to the correct line number (instead of always line 1) for assertion failure errors.
  • #3803/#3802: Creating launch configurations for the standard Run/Debug CodeLens links has been simplified so that it can be done with a single field (and now also applies to executions of tests from the test runner):
      "configurations": [
              "name": "Tests (VM+Chrome, Static Seed)",
              "request": "launch",
              "type": "dart",
              // Set "templateFor" to a path for this config to be used for all
              // Run/Debug links on CodeLens, or running from the test runner.
              // Set to an empty string "" for it to apply to the whole project.
              "templateFor": "test", // everything in test folder
              "args": [
                  "-p", "chrome,vm",
              "env": {
                  "MY_ENV_VAR": "foo"
  • #3749: The customToolReplacesArgs field in launch configurations (used to run custom tools in place of dart or flutter when launching apps) can now be used to replace all tool arguments. However, custom tools must still be compatible with the tool they replace. Replacing/removing the --start-paused argument does not remove the requirement for the custom tool to start the app paused, for example.


  • #3804: Class fields are no longer incorrectly colored like methods/functions.
  • #3788: The dart.triggerSignatureHelpAutomatically setting has been removed in favour of the built-in editor.parameterHints.enabled VS Code setting that does the same.
  • #3780: Pressing <enter> after starting a triple-quoted string (''' or """) will no longer add unwanted indenting.


  • #3758: Flutter refactor commands in the context menu of Flutter Outline no longer fail on newer SDK versions.
  • #3767: Trying to use "console": "terminal" or "console": "externalTerminal" in the launch configuration for a Flutter app will now produce a notification that this is not supported (instead of being silently ignored).
  • #3756: The customTool field for launch configurations is now supported for Flutter apps.


  • #3795: Contributed tasks accessible via the Task: Run Task command can now be run for projects in sub-folders (eg. a monorepo) instead of only at the VS Code “workspace folder” level.
  • #3801: The Dart: Generate Documentation command now uses the new dart doc command instead of the deprecated dartdoc when using a recent enough SDK.


  • #3764: Pub packages fetched by the extension (devtoolswebdev) will no longer be reactivated every session if the current latest published version has been retracted.


Features/Fixes Enabled with Future SDKs

These items rely on changes to the Dart/Flutter SDKs that have not yet been released to stable channels. They will show up automatically when you update your SDK in future (or if using beta/development channels depending on the exact version).

  • #3783: Code completion no longer activates while typing in standard double-slash comments that are immediately before a dartdoc triple-slash comment.
  • #3778: A new "instance" semantic token modifier has been added to instance members, allowing them to be themed/colored separately to other symbols.
  • #3770: The Create Method ‘xxx’ fix now includes the required keyword for required named arguments if the library is null-safe.
  • #3761: Using analysis server plugins such as cart_code_metrics will no longer cause the servers view of a file to become out-of-sync with the editor, resulting in spurious diagnostic errors/warnings being reported.
  • #3697: The Dart: Sort Members command now correctly moves end-of-line comments along with the code on that line.
  • #3422: A new lint conditional_uri_does_not_exist allows validating conditional import URIs to ensure they exist.
  • #1160: Hover tooltips now include the static type of a variable, which may be different to the declared type (for example if the variable is used in an is check).
  • #3784: Code completion should now include members that can be overridden more reliably.
  • #3440: New packages added to pubspec.yaml should now be available more reliably after saving and waiting for the *pub get command to complete.
  • #3438: Fetching packages in a Flutter project should no longer intermittently result in the flutter_gen package failing to resolve.
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