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Danny Tuppeny

Nov 1, 2022, 11:59:57 AM11/1/22
to flutter-...@googlegroups.com
Hey all,

New versions of the Dart/Flutter extensions for VS Code have been published. Release notes are included below (and online).


  • #4197: When launching debug sessions, if an explicit program is supplied but no cwd in the launch configuration, only the program (and not the current open file) will be used to determine the best working directory.
  • #4209: Mapping call stacks while debugging has been optimised in a way that avoids some calls that could fail when running Flutter apps on the web using the current stable Flutter SDK (an issue that has been fixed for future Flutter SDK releases).


  • #4093: A new command Flutter: Inspect Widget (Auto-Cancel after Selection) behaves the same as Flutter: Inspect Widget but will automatically exit selection mode upon after selecting a widget and navigating in code.


  • #4229: The legacy Type Hierarchy command no longer shows up in the command palette when using LSP (where it does not work). Integration with the new VS Code built-in Type Hierarchy will be available when using LSP in an upcoming Dart/Flutter SDK release (see below).

Features/Fixes Enabled with Future SDKs

The following items depend on changes to the Dart/Flutter SDKs that have not yet been released to stable channels. They will show up automatically after you upgrade to the next (non-hotfix) Dart/Flutter SDK release. If you’re using a recent beta or master version, these items should be available to you now and any issues should be reported on GitHub in the usual way.

  • #4221: Refactorings like “Convert Getter to Method” no longer appear on references to symbols outside of your workspace which made it possible to accidentally modify Flutter SDK or Pub package sources.
  • #4202: The “Extract Method” refactor no longer shows up on import statements.
  • #4165: The “Extract Method” refactor no longer shows up on method declarations.
  • #4215: Renaming enum constants will no longer sometimes show “The element can’t be renamed”.
  • #4214: Changing the "dart.showTodos" setting now applies immediately rather than only when a file is next modified (or a VS Code reload).
  • #4203: Quick fixes in the lightbulb menu are no longer sometimes ordered incorrectly with // ignore: fixes appearing further up the list than intended.
  • #4156: Inlay hints for types (shown while holding Ctrl+Option/Alt) can now be hovered to see documentation for that type.
  • #2527/#3313: VS Code’s built-in Type Hierarchy is now available (when using LSP) and can be found in the context menu.
  • #4217: The new Type Hierarchy now includes Type Arguments in labels.
  • #4206: Expression evaluation is now available in the Debug Console when running Flutter integration tests.
  • #4213: Lists from dart:typed_data like Uint8List are now rendered as lists (rather than objects) in Watch/Variables panels when using the new SDK DAPs.
  • #4204/#4205: Large lists in Watch/Variables panels are now paged when using the new SDK DAPs, avoiding long delays/hangs when trying to expand very large lists.

Upstream Issues

Some feature requests and fixes require new features and fixes in upstream projects like VS Code and LSP which use counts of 👍s on those issues to help gauge demand. The Dart-Code website now lists some of the most significant upstream issues with a description of the feature/fix they would enable. Please consider reviewing this list and adding your 👍 to any GitHub issues relevant to features you’d like to see!


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