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Danny Tuppeny

Mar 31, 2021, 4:58:02 PM3/31/21
to Flutter Dev
Hi all,

v3.21 of the Dart/Flutter extensions for VS Code have been published. Release notes are below (and online).


Many of the editor changes rely on changes in the Dart/Flutter SDKs so may not be immediately visible depending on your Dart/Flutter SDK channel.

  • #3143/#3215: The “Wrap with widget” action now correctly pre-selects the text “widget” when LSP is enabled.
  • #3214: LSP code actions that insert multiline text using “snippets” now indent correctly.
  • #3203: Pressing <enter> on a comment line (starting with //) now auto-inserts // on the next line, matching the existing behaviour for triple-slash /// comments.
  • #3177: The dart.autoImportCompletions setting is now supported by LSP, allowing auto-import completions to be disabled.
  • #3159: Renaming a variable to match the name of a constructor called in the same scope no longer returns a confusing error message about shadowing variables.
  • #3170: Code completion no longer incorrectly triggers in comments at very end of a file.
  • #3160: Code completion no longer sometimes returns stale results based on the version of a file first opened in the session.
  • #2873: The performance of Ctrl+Clicking symbols when LSP is enabled has been improved.
  • #101: Code completion is now able to suggest package names in the dependencies and dev_dependencies sections of pubspec.yaml.


  • #3216: New commands Pub: Upgrade Packages –major-versions and Flutter: Upgrade Packages –major-versions will upgrade packages using Pub’s --major-versions flag that updates constraints in pubspec.yaml.
  • #3213: Output panes no longer disappear then reappear (causing a visible flicker) when running new commands.
  • #3212: The Flutter: Screenshot command works again with the latest versions of Flutter.
  • #3237: Clicking the Get Packages button in the editors menu bar for a Dart project’s pubspec.yaml in a workspace that also contains a Flutter project will no longer run flutter pub get instead of pub get.
  • #3179/#3238: The Dart: New Project command now uses dart create instead of Stagehand for Dart SDK versions >= v2.10.0.


  • #3151/#3157: The Run Skipped commands/buttons added in the previous version now also work for Flutter tests when using a new enough Flutter SDK (this does not include stable at the time of the release).
  • #3098: Test Discovery no longer sometimes inserts additional unknown test nodes into the tree if you open the test file immediately after starting a test run.


  • #3224: Fields now correctly show in debug tooltips when evaluateGettersInDebugViews is set to false (only getters are excluded).
  • #3210: Widgets in local (path) packages are now shown correctly in the DevTools inspector summary tree.
  • #3198: The DevTools server address is no longer passed multiple times with --devtools-server-address when launching Flutter apps.
  • #3195: Attaching to Dart or Flutter apps now correctly shows the stdout stream in the Debug Console.
  • #3188: The editors run/debug title buttons have been moved to the new VS Code editor/title/run menu, allowing them to appear before other buttons and overflow better.
  • #3187: Frames that cannot be restarted from (the top frame, and frames after an async boundary) now show the button disabled instead of reporting an error if clicked.


  • #3196: Flutter gutter icons now work for expressions that use conditionals expr ? widget1 : widget2.
  • #3217: A new setting dart.flutterShowWebServerDevice allows enabling the web-server device even when running locally. Using the web-server device requires the Dart Debug extension and the Chrome device is still the recommended way for non-remote development.
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